LYNBROOK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A high school wrestler on Long Island fought extra hard to get on the team, and is now proving to be just as tough as the rest of them on the mat — even better.

As CBS2’s Reena Roy reported, she’s been the talk of the town and made history as the only girl on her all boys wrestling team.

Ally Fitzgerald is also the first female to ever win a boys high school tournament on Long Island.

“A lot of people don’t like losing to a girl, so they try to use tactics like, ‘oh this is gonna be easy, oh she’s not good, and making fun of me and pointing, laughing,” she said. “I can’t focus on that, I focus on me.”

With laser sharp focus she proves them wrong again and again.

At just 5 feet tall and 100 lbs, the Lynbrook High School freshman has found the perfect way to do it.

“Now getting older, some of the boys are getting stronger, so I have to focus on my technique and beat them with my technique,” she said.

Coach Richie Renz said it’s working.

“First girl I’ve coached int he 30 years I’ve been coaching varsity wrestling. Her skills are above average and when you see her wrestle you can tell she’s technically sound,” he said.

Her signature move is a hip throw. A skill she’s been refining since age 9, after watching her little brother on the mat.

“I was watching him and I thought it was easy and I could do it,” she said.

So just like that, she did.

Of course any success comes with some failure.

“I was so used to winning, then it started getting hard and my parents told me don’t give up, and I powered through,” she said.

Her eyes are always on the prize.

“I tell her you’re not a girl wrestler. You are a wrestler, and the boys that walk out there, I see them thinking, ‘oh it’s a girl,’ and when she goes out there, and she’s got her hand raised, it’s like the greatest feeling ever,” her mother Rebecca said.

It’s just the beginning for Ally. In a couple of months she’ll be trying out for a national team, and hopes to continue the sport in college, and one day the Olympics.

There has been a recent push to get an all-girls wrestling league in Nassau County and the surrounding areas.


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  1. Get rid of all women and men sports…..just have sports… it would solve the title iX disaster… Of course there would be fewer women athletes but oh well..equality would be served.

  2. The real story is that she wrestling in the 99-pound category. Any boy that weight is generally extremely undeveloped. In addition, it’s even hard to find HS wrestlers that weight (most boys that weight are still in elementary school or, perhaps, middle school). What this means is that she’s generally wrestling inexperienced, relatively undeveloped boys who were recruited to fill the weight class.

    By the way, she’s not the first girl to win in that weight class either — just the first on Long Island. For the previously mentioned reasons, it’s not unheard of for a dedicated, experienced girl to fare well in these extreme lower weight classes.

  3. Kim A Kirk says:

    While I appreciate her desire to wrestle on a boy’s team… it puts her male opponents in a no win situation and that’s unfortunate.

    1. If my kid bragged about beating a girl, I’d drag him off to the woodshed.

  4. there’s so may things you can’t grab with a girl in the match.

  5. Jim Monks says:

    Shes not bad but when she, as a woman, starts wrestling men, not boys, she wont stand a chance. She simply doesnt have the weight and strength to compete as a grown-up. Great effort though, Im not trying to take away her glory. It is well deserved and hard earned.

  6. Why is this a story? to emasculate males some more by the Lib media?

  7. Very likely she has abnormally high androgen levels.

  8. Good for her…and she’s an actual female as opposed to a trans-freak.

  9. Has she used the butt drag on anyone?

  10. boys have gotten very effeminate the last few decades.

  11. I almost had to wrestle a girl at a tournament back in the 1987/88 season. Fortunately she didn’t advance. I was wrestling in the 189 weight class at that time,

  12. Spin Cycle says:

    OK great. Let’s do away with all gender for all competitions.

    Lets allow men to compete in the Miss America Contest, and lets allow women to compete against men for the heavyweight boxing championship. And lets see how many women get drafted by the NBA. It really might be interesting to see how equal the two sexes are.

    1. I don’t know what she looks like since I refuse to watch a 30 second ad before any video, but the boys are probably very distracted with the chance to grab her crotch and feel her breasts. After all, these are high school boys who spend an incredible amount of time thinking about sex.

  13. Guys are taught from birth to “Be Nice To The Girl,” “Don’t Hit The Girl,” “Don’t Fight With Girls.” So exactly why is this a surprise?

  14. New Yorkers are a bunch of girly boys,you people should be ashamed but most of you are democrats so you like getting beat up by girls.

  15. luchellen says:

    The real story here is … that Lynbrook High School on Long Island … has a wrestling program and team … run by coach Richie Renz… that is chock-full of 100 pound beta-male manginas … who all got their butts handed to them … by a 100-poinds-wet little girl.

    Congratulations coach Renz, Lynbrook HS, district of Lynbrook, Sate of Long Island, 21st USA, and the future of western civilization … I think.

  16. Likely not a fair contest. Girls that age are likely to no longer be girls, they will have matured. And at the lower weight class they are going against boys who have not matured. It would be more surprising if a girl won in the heavier classes, 160-170 lbs etc.

  17. Matt Beer says:

    Things will change dramatically for her within 2 years when those boys really start producing testosterone and strength/muscle density, Technique is super important but add in moderate technique and overwhelming strength, she will start finding life on the mat much harder.

  18. Calvin Oyler says:

    Saw this in my high school back in the 70s. A much better male wrestler kept second guessing his grip and would release. She may even come back in 30 years complaining about some guy who grabbed her breasts or nether regions.

    1. Ed Cole says:

      This is exactly what I was thinking, that the male wrestler would be too hesitant about where his hands were as they grappled, creating a disadvantage to him in the competition. As Mr. Oyler pointed out, it’s only a legitimate wrestling match until the female claims she’s been groped, at which point the male is convicted guilty instantly by public opinion.

  19. OK. So its a girl. Girls are cool. Get over it…

  20. I want to see her with cauliflower ears and baaa’ing like a sheep.

  21. Kirk Eidman says:

    Mmm, Can they grab her by the Pu$$y without getting arrested?

  22. Tom Jennings says:

    I took Judo about that age, and because I was the shortest boy I had to practice with the only girl in the class. She made me look foolish. Her centre of gravity was way different than mine and I could not flip or trip her at all, but could I could trip and flip other guys.

  23. Cajuan King says:


    And all you had to be was a Girl .

  24. John Dalanni says:

    Let the Wookie win…but I….Let the Wookie win…. Why should I when… Because Boys won’t sue you or accuse you of touching her private parts under the guise of a wrestling match. Ok! I’ll let the Wookie win.

  25. At that age wrestling a girl my problem would of been having an erection the entire match.

  26. eshults5 says:

    She’s impressive. If her technique is that good she should be able to wrestle feather weight in high school. I remember our team had a hard time finding people who were both under 120 lbs and had really good technique.

  27. Kelly Laraia says:

    Fine…let her wrestle against the boys. Likewise, a boy should be able to compete on the girls softball team or field hockey team.

  28. Jack Webb says:

    We know how this game is played now: If she loses, she’ll accuse him of touching her inappropriately. Ergo, she wins every time.

  29. There is no upside to this. The downside is most women don’t want to wrestle men, and the few who do are often few a far between. Now, it’s Ok, because transgendered men are now winning beauty contests. In our zeal to be inclusive, we’ve forgotten how to be human and for what the grand plan for mankind was devised.

  30. Joe Boltonn says:

    There was a girl in NJ back in the Eighties who won a few wrestling tournaments. Amateur wrestling is more a matter of guile and flexibility than strength. She’s not ready for Vince McMahon .

  31. Ken Peavey says:

    WWAKS? (What would Andy Kaufman say?)

  32. Mark Randall says:

    Young male wrestler thinking before the match “I’ll be the GUY who beat the GIRL?”

    1. Yeah, that or, “I’ll be the guy that the girl beat.” Can’t win. Just let her be on top and enjoy it. Then, map out the rest of your life with a more practical strategy: MGTOW MGTOW MGTOW MGTOW Men Going Their Own Way MGTOW MGTOW. Look it up, learn it, embrace it, live it.

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