NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If your New Year’s resolution is to become a millionaire in 2018, you have two big chances to make that happen.

The jackpots for both the Mega Millions and Powerball lottery games have climbed above $300 million.

Friday night’s winning Mega Millions numbers are: 4, 10, 18, 28, 62 and Mega Ball 7.

Could your ticket be a belated holiday gift?

“If I hit the lottery, me and my family, we’re going to Walt Disney. That’s the first thing I’m going to do,” said Irene Morton.

“I need the money to pay off debts,” another woman said.

“I will travel,” a man added.

Lots of dreamers took a shot at winning one jackpot – or both – Friday.

“It kept growing and growing, and then I saw a couple news articles about it, so sparked my interest to come in here and actually buy some tickets,” said Corey Snyder.

Abdul Salah sold lots of them at his store on 10th Avenue near 57th Street.

“It’s a lot. I can’t count,” he said.

As CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported, it’s very rare for both games to have jackpots over $300 million. Tickets sell for $2 each.

Some say you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than win either of the games. But with the new year, many had a renewed sense of optimism.

“Better than nothing, right? Got to try it,” one man said.

“I bought the winning numbers,” a woman added with a laugh.

Nurse Maureen Kilpatrick was so optimistic, she already had her plans laid out.

“I’m going to sell my house, and then I’m going to buy my in neighborhood – one of the houses that’s on the water and pay an obscene amount of money for it probably,” she said. “Then I’m going to work per diem, because they always need help for people that call in sick and stuff.”

Others were still hopeful for the new year, whether they win or not.

“If not, I’m rich with love and that’s all that matters,” Morton said.

The Powerball winner will be picked Saturday at 10:59 p.m.