“Sweet Spot,” by Mike Sugerman

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Is there any better combination than ax throwing and alcohol?

That’s a question being ‘axed’ at a new bar that recently opened in, where else, Brooklyn.

“It’s a very new concept,” admits manager Raquel Munaron.

It’s called Kick Axe.

An ax range that is also a bar. Not much else to say about it.

“Is it dangerous?” I ask trainer James McClain, who is known as an Axepert. “No, not at all,” he tells me. Not if you pay attention to him and listen to instructions.

He gives tips to first timers. And who isn’t a first time ax thrower in Brooklyn?

“Ever done this before?” I ask Tiberius Tyler, standing in the lane next to me. “No, never,” he replies. I certainly hadn’t.

You learn basic safety rules. Never hand an ax to someone. Stick it in a stump and let them take it by the handle. Never touch a ricocheting ax or stop it with your foot. I figured that one out without them telling me.

Kick Axe just opened in the Gowanas neighborhood and is working hard to make it’s mark in the area.

“It’s like darts but with more dangerous instruments,” says Tyler.

My first time, if I was applying for a job, they would have given me the ax.

But with a little practice, I turned out to be axe-ellent.

Kick Axe in Brooklyn: the only place around to sharpen up your throwing skills. And drink cocktails.​

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