NEW YORK (WFAN) — Chris Carlin, Bart Scott and Maggie Gray opened up Monday’s “The Afternoon Drive” reacting to Sunday’s NFL playoff games.

All three complained about how hard the Jaguars’ ugly 10-3 win over the Bills was to watch.

“At no point during that game was I ever confident that there were ever going to be points scored,” Carlin said.

“That may be the worst quarterback play I’ve ever seen,” Scott said of the QBs on both teams. ” … I can’t even get that time of my life back. It’s gone.”

Later, Carlin and Gray both praised the Saints, who beat the Panthers, 31-26.

“The Saints are an impressive group from this standpoint: They are not your older brother’s Saints, where they can only beat you one way, and that was by throwing for 600 yards in a game,” Carlin said.

“The Saints, to me, look like a Super Bowl-contending team,” Gray said. “In fact, I think they were the most impressive (this past weekend).”

However, Scott disagreed, saying he was most impressed by the Falcons, who beat the Rams on Saturday.

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