1010 WINS-Cam Dedman just might have just given his 81-year-old grandfather the greatest birthday present ever.

Fred Lamar never thought his beloved 1957 Chevy Bel Air would ever hit the road again, but his best friend and grandson Cam decided to fully restore the car he bought when he was just 28-years-old.

(Photo: Cameron Dedman)

Cam, a Kentucky auto mechanic, worked tirelessly on renovating the classic automobile and it seems like it was well worth the effort.

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In a post on Facebook along with a collection of photos and a list of his restorations, Cam says his grandfather “about passed out” upon receiving the incredible gift.

“I have been doing a full frame off restoration of this car a big surprise for my grandpa. He’s owned the car since the 50s. He’s my best friend and truly deserves it.”

Cam put his hard work, grease, and sweat into restoring the metal work and frame, interior body and underbody exhaust, wiring, stereo, air conditioner, steering, brakes, and suspension as well as custom accessories and refinishing.

The duo shares a love of classic cars and plan to take the newly restored Bel Air to car shows in the area.

You can view photos of the car and the emotional birthday surprise below.

-Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana


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