NEWARK (CBSNewYork) – Being governor is so yesterday.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie learned the hard way that his special treatment is over.

Christie tried to circumvent a TSA checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C Thursday morning. Christie was with his State Police detail and attempted to enter through a special access area, located near the exit of the restricted area of the terminal.

The Port Authority says one of its officers refused to let Christie pass, telling the former governor that he is no longer allowed to use that access. 

The officer escorted Christie to the regular entrance.

Christie cooperated as instructed.

New Jersey governors have the option to have a trooper protect them for six months. Two previous governors and Christie have opted to exercise that option.

Thursday night, Christie posted on Twitter, calling the story “pure fiction.”

“Absolutely false story about my travel today,” he said. “NJSP security detail & I were led to one entrance in the airport by PAPD officer. TSA informed PAPD and NJSP that this was the wrong way to enter and directed us to another entrance where I was screened & admitted to the airport.”

“Neither option was the way I entered airport as Governor (wrong in the story) and PAPD officer never denied me entry at either place (also wrong in story),” he continued. “He was a gentleman assisting my security detail. When he got the right info he took me to the right place. Pure fiction.”

Despite the governor’s denial, a Port Authority spokesperson specifically told CBS2 the following shortly before 10:30 a.m. Thursday:

“Port Authority says Christie showed up at Newark Airport today with NJ State PD detail. They tried to go into the special access area where they have been going for years. A PA cop told him he was no longer allowed to use that access and they escorted him to the regular area.”

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  1. sounds like Trump with those tweets

  2. Too bad that they didn’t find a bump stock on him.

  3. This is the epitome of fake news. It isn’t that the item is fake, per se; but, that its value as actual news is so politically driven, that its value as news is fake. No one could seriously argue that this could be considered news when compared to a myriad of other choices presented.

  4. Does ex Governor Jim McGreevey still use the back door?

  5. Ed DeLoach says:

    So, he went where he always went, was informed he can’t go there, and went back to the line like everybody else. What’s the story here again?

  6. Mason Lustig says:

    No-brain TSA goons believe that an ex-governor is a security threat?

    1. How’s that 4th grade education working out for you?

  7. Rice Glanmod says:

    Christie is Exhibit A for all of these establishment politicians, who are against profiling while supporting policies treating ordinary people like sheep. The hypocrisy is that Christie actually profiled himself out of security check; why? well because it’s common sense, he is obviously not a terrorist. But hey, guess what, I am clearly not a terrorist either if you look closely and apply common sense, neither is my 80 year old wheelchair bound mother. Christie disputed Trump assertion that some Muslims in New Jersey cheered when 9/11 towers were burning, which by the way is true.

  8. Did He Take His Fat With Him?

  9. Tom Cargie says:

    Back of the line, fatass.

  10. Joe Paulson says:

    This brought a smile to my face.

  11. Why does a former governor have taxpayer funded security? New Jersey taxpayers shouldn’t be funding a private citizens security detail.

    1. Dan Thomas says:

      Why does a former president have taxpayer funded security?

    2. Why does the current governor of New Jersey have an armed security detail (even prior to taking office or running for governor), when he wants to disarm all of the law abiding gun owners in the state? Privileged elitist!

    3. Why do we have to pay for illegal alien education and health care?

  12. No one is gonna ask why he still has a state police, taxpayer funded escort?

  13. Mac Joiner says:

    Not a big Christie fan, but wait a second. So he was using the same access area with his state police detail that he’d always used, was told that was no longer available to him, he complied and went to the regular security area? And that is news exactly how? What a sensational story!
    Journalism truly is dead.

  14. Has anybody, ever in the history of the Universe, aspired to someday live in New Jersey?

    1. Yes, there are millions of people from North Korea, Bangladesh, South Sudan, Haiti and countless other sh|t holes (yes, sh|t holes) who would give anything to live in New Jersey.

  15. Peter York says:

    oh, they’ve ‘reached out’ to Christie. whenever I hear a poo-say say ‘reach out’ I want to reach out and choke her with my two hands.

  16. Bob Roseman says:

    this is news…..who cares.

  17. Not sure why this is news. Will CBS report on everyone who is stopped by security at the airport for now on?

  18. Peter Smith says:

    NJ is a cesspool, Crispy Crème Christy fit right in.

  19. Jersey is soooo much better off with the liberal hack they just elected. first job, spending money on illegal aliens. whoohoo. glad I left Lake Hiawatha when i was 6.

  20. Sam Jones says:

    That “special access area” was probably 4 feet wider than the regular entrance.

  21. Joseph Lucas says:

    The king is dead. Long live the king!

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