Every year, Pantone releases its selection for the color of the year. Inventive and imaginative, ultra violet was chosen for 2018. According to the company, the color lights the way for what is yet to come. New Yorkers can add a little ultra violet to their everyday lives with these items.


Yogibo reimagines home furniture with its cozy bean bags. From couches to pillows and even beds, Yogibo proves that the traditional bean bag is a thing of the past. New Yorkers can add ultra violet to their home decor with any of Yogibo’s comfy items. Unlike other the typical bean bags, these products are filled with the company’s signature Fibeads, a special combination of microbeads and polyester fibers, which is the ideal versatile piece of furniture conforming to any body shape with zero pressure points. Among their various products, one of their best sellers is the Yogibo Max. Besides being a chair for gaming, the Yogibo Max can transform into a recliner for reading, a sofa or even a bed.

Le Creuset

Home chefs can add a little color to their kitchens with Le Creuset’s newest color, Provence. Inspired by the lavender fields of southern France, the color is available at Sur La Table and is a subtle shade of violet perfect for this year’s cooking. Le Creuset is known for its renowned Dutch ovens, which are ideal for slow cooking, soups, stews and baking. Besides their Dutch ovens, customers can also snag skillets, platters, grills and a flower-shaped cocotte.

Zola Bakes

New Yorkers might have seen the vibrantly colored rainbow cookies from Zola Bakes on their Instagram feeds, but now they can satisfy their sweet tooth with an order of their own. The traditional bite-sized treats get a makeover with customizable colors and different options for fillings. The moist almond cakes can be layered with apricot jam, raspberry jam or Nutella as a filling. The cookies then receive a dark or white chocolate drip and topped with either edible gold glitter, edible silver glitter or seasonal mixes.

Swiffer WetJet

Like cleaning the apartment in style? New Yorkers can use the ultra violet-colored Swiffer WetJet Floor Spray Mop to make their hardwood floors spotless. The starter kit, currently available at WalMart, comes with a spray mop, three extra power pad refills, two original mopping pad refills, a large bottle of cleaning solution and batteries. Whether you have laminated, hardwood or tile floors, the dual-nozzle sprayer makes cleaning easier with its powerful solution loosening dirt off the floor. Like its other cleaning products, the Swiffer WetJet pads absorb and trap dirt, so it doesn’t move around the floor.

Baked in Color

Chocolate chip cookies get a colorful transformation with Baked in Color. Specializing in matching colors for special events, the trendy sweet treat can be ordered in various colors, including violet. Available in an array of packages, New Yorkers can try the tin jar or bags of cookies. For those special occasions, Baked in Color makes a jumbo colorful cookie cake, an ideal way to celebrate the color of the year.

John Friia is a freelance journalist and native New Yorker writing about food, drinks and lifestyle. You can follow his adventures on Instagram.