BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The parents of two Long Island teenagers killed at the hands of MS-13 returned from Washington D.C. where they attended the State Of The Union address as guests of the president.

Tears were shed during a standing ovation for the parents of two slain teens — Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens. They sat in First Lady Melania Trump’s box as the president highlighted their anguish amid a call for stricter immigration laws.

“We cannot imagine the depth of your sorrow, but we can make sure that other families never have to endure this pain,” he said.

“It’s just an experience that no words can explain. You just felt that what we are doing is being recognized, being heard,” Cuevas’ mother, Evelyn Rodriguez said.

Just home from the nation’s capital, the victims’ parents felt a nation paying honor to their daughters.

“That he is going to be doing the right thing,” she said.

Some have said she shouldn’t have gone because she is Hispanic.

“I did not feel that at all,” she said.

Mickens’ mother Elizabeth Alvarado said it was overwhelming.

“Very overwhelming feeling all that love for us, what we stand for, and for my daughter, and for Kayla,” she said.

“Not too many people get a chance to meet a president. We are both in shock about it,” Mickens’ father Robert said.

“He kissed me on my forehead which I was like, my god I am just a little pea in a pod, but he did acknowledge and I felt his connection that he felt my pain,” Evelyn said.

The pain of losing children to the scourge of MS-13 and the desire to make streets safe.

“Her eyes got teary, you felt the realness, it wasn’t fake,” Rodriguez said.

As they work on recovering, they made an appeal for unity to the community that is rallying around them.

They said President Trump told them privately, not to give up.

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  1. It was shocking how the Democrats in Congress showed total indifference to the suffering of US citizens at the hands of invading foreign thugs.

  2. Steve Frank says:




    MAGA 2020.

  3. CBS Local/NY — Are you guys cutting costs by having interns write (and, apparently, edit) your articles? Way to phone it in.

  4. iodiner says:

    Trump will kick out obbamma’s illegal gangs.

  5. I am so tired of the left calling out conservatives for being compassionate. We are all parents, siblings and children of others. We are Americans first and foremost. I pray for these families I never met. I cannot imagine their pain. I think about my own family and can cry for them. Those little girls were precious to every parent. God heal them. To anyone saying it is a political football, no, it is a human issue. We must protect ALL Americans or there won’t be ANY Americans.

  6. Nice article by CBS and thankful they are willing to be more truthful. I have no problem with negative (but truthful) writing. I’ll never know if WaPo & C-en-en has gotten better because I block them via our wireless access point.

  7. Kevyn Sears says:

    A very good article showing a part of President Trump many, if not most, of us are not aware. Most of what we see and hear are terrible, negative allegations and accusations of his character and ability. Because of this one article, I’ll resume visiting the CBS News website. Again, well done.

    1. Don’t get used to it…it was probably a busy fake news day and it accidentally slipped through.

      1. What a degenerate a*****e you must be. Take your sullenness and negativity to the Dem’s…they embrace you subversives that continually look for positive things to destroy.

        1. Joe Tree says:

          Watch your mouth Warden Clyffe! OIF Alumni was accurately stating what others have also said, that this is a slip up and CBS and the other lame stream media outlets always chop on OUR President and this accurate acknowledgement of his humanity is out of character for them. It is reality, not sullenness or negativity! Shaddup your face!

  8. Robert Mickens: “Well, I thought it was very disrespectful for the simple fact the Democrats who were there that did not stand up, they were African-Americans. So that hurts me a lot to show they did not have the respect or to honor what just happened to our lives and to Americans’ lives. It’s not right, you know. Regardless of how they feel about the president, they should show the respect because I would show them the respect if that was their loved one.”

  9. So heartwarming to see this genuine support for those plagued by MS 13 and support for our President. He’s got a tough and time consuming job cleaning “the swamp” however, he KNOWS HOW TO DO IT. America is plagued by “party before country” democrats AND leftist propagandists’ masquerading as journalists.

  10. While the DEMONS—-Had people ILLEGALS—There to try to make the PRESIDENT scared etc. he was not and I will be damned he nailed it, and he nail it good Tuesday night!!

  11. And yet the vacuous Democrats sneered at this woman and her poor family and all the other good news for America and it’s “citizens”. The DNC has not just forgotten us, they have open disdain for us. They have clearly chosen sides and it is with the foreign invaders who wish to rob us or hurt us. And we will soon see the depths of the past administrations crimes and corruption.

    1. The dumborats did not honor these parents whose daughters were murdered by “dreamers”, or the young boy who saw to it that the graves of veterans’s each had a flag on Veteran’s Day, or the Veteran who saved his buddie’s life by administrating CPR for 2 hrs until he reached the hospital, or the Police Officer and his wife who adopted the baby of a crack head mother (the dems have rather that the baby been aborted and killed), they did not stand in honor when PRESIDENT Trump mentioned respect for out Flag and National Anthem. In other words, THE DEMOCRATS STAND FOR NOTHING.

  12. Derek Langer says:

    God bless these families….and God bless Mr. Trump!! I am sick of the MSM and their constant demeaning of Mr. Trump!!

  13. President Trump does not screw around when it comes to the protection of Americans. If this is politically incorrect, then so be it.

  14. Liberals scream “Inclusion!!” “Pay attention to minorities!!!” and when he does/tries..they scream, “Tokens, you used them” Great job trump round up obamas MS13 imports. And Bless these people.

  15. Hugh C Young says:

    Thank you President Trump. Great to have a American leader again. We thank you for your sacrifice to save our country. I don’t know how you put up with politicians that have their own agendas.

  16. Excuse me ma’am, but you are not just a pea, you have all of America (who understands and cares about this problem) behind you.
    We feel for you and wish there was something we could do to ease the pain.
    It was an emotional moment for me when you parents of these young girls was shown. I felt so bad for you, and could see the pain in all of your faces. I felt you all needed a hug.
    God bless you all and please understand that a very large percent of the country is wishing you well and our prayers are with you.

  17. “Some have said she shouldn’t have gone because she is Hispanic.”

    More liberal racism projected, Orwellian style, onto Trump. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  18. Tomas Cruz says:

    A women on MSNBC claimed the only people that heard of MS13 watched FOX. So true. Because Obama’s open border policy let them in, including drug cartels and criminal illegals from across the Americas. They’ve been terrorizing our communities for 8 years. The media covered it up like they always do for him. The are a disgrace.

  19. Bruce Hebert says:

    I am surprised that only a couple of haters posted here so far. Johnny_WTF and Casey Myers, please crawl back in your hole. I’m also mildly shocked that CBS published this, since it’s not derogatory toward President Trump.

    1. Casey Myers says:

      Only ones I’m hating on is Trump deranged leftists.

  20. Tina Wolfe says:

    And I would bet neither of these 4 voted for Trump but voted for Obama and Hilllary. They are NYers after all, wonder if they will vote for him in 2020? Everyone who meets him comes away saying he is genuine. That he really seems to connect with them. Something the lame stream media lies about.

  21. Trump’s sympathy and condolences were sincere and heart-felt. He’s a father himself. And a great one.

  22. Tell the truth nationally CBS! Break out of this corrupt news system make a stand!

  23. Casey Myers says:

    This brave parent had better watch out. She will no doubt be attacked by some on the left for her positive comments about President Trump. The Trump hating leftists are unhinged and deranged. They won’t care if she suffered a major lose. Trump hate is all that matters to them.

  24. I’m surprised CBS would run this article, but not at all surprised by what it contained. Thank you.

  25. “Some have said she shouldn’t have gone because she is Hispanic.” Why? Who are some? That has to be one of the most ignorant statements in this article. Race is irrelevant in this matter much less anything else.

    1. Casey Myers says:

      It was an extremely ignorant comment in an extremely poorly written article.

    2. Jenny Jones says:

      I actually thought she was actually an American. I guess they get confused on who we Americans really are.

      1. Well said, we are Americans first or we are not.

    3. Jenny Jones says:

      I thought she was actually an American. I guess they get confused on who we Americans really are.

      1. Jenny Jones says:

        Sorry for the double post. I thought we could edit.

    4. The “some” would be racist liberals. They attach race to EVERYTHING…. Even wearing a Sombrero!

    5. Mark Meyer says:

      “Some have said she shouldn’t have gone because she is Hispanic.” That statement of “some have said” is the clue. That is the refrain typically used by the leftist media to mean: Themselves.

  26. Thanks President Trump, for looking out for Americans. A side note, most Democrats sat on their hands and couldn’t even pay respect to these parents slain children, disgusting!

  27. Oh sure, we can throw some non-white victims up there, but we ignore all the whites that are far greater victims. Let’s just ignore half the country. Let’s put some Nork Christian up on stage, but not a single white christian that has stood up to his attackers. Let’s hear about US, the ones who voted, the ones who built this nation. It seems as if we are still forgotten.

    1. Margie James says:

      When Americans are “Deplorables” and illegal aliens and gang members are “Dreamers?” You know your a Democrat.

  28. President Trump, thank you for your compassion and leadership in a desparate time of need!

  29. It is a tragic story that nobody wants to hear, however needs to be heard. Thank you CBS for this news report, even though it shows the president as being a decent human being, something the media seems reluctant to show.

  30. The President is real and REALLY DOES want to MAGA. Sadly you have to go OUTSIDE the mainstream hate-Trump media to get the truth.
    The SOTU was a great speech and we really enjoyed learning about the heroes he shared stories, and we got to see them and share in their pain, support and love on them. We were in tears for many of them.

    I am glad you got to see the REAL TRUMP many of his employees, friends and family know.
    Godbless this woman and her family, and Godbless the others who shared their stories.

  31. Brian Punter says:

    It’s a shame almost half of Congress is more concerned for these illegals than the Americans who are losing family members to illegal crimes and gangs.

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