NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A kidnapping was reported at a school in Brooklyn last week, but police said it turned out an elderly man who picked up the wrong child and no crime was committed.

Initial reports to police indicated that an unidentified man walked into P.S. 189, at 1100 East New York Ave. in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and took a 6-year-old girl by the hand from the school.

The girl’s older brother, 10, followed them until they reached a home on Rochester Avenue, at which point the man let go of the girl’s hand, police said. The older brother then led his sister to the home of a relative who lives nearby, police said.

But police said Sunday it turned out that there was no kidnapping attempt involved. The man who led the girl from the school was in his 90s and picked up the wrong child, police said.

The man has a grandchild who attends the same school, police said.

Police said the case is closed and no crime was committed.