1010 WINS — Mardi Gras has gone to the dogs.

Fat Tuesday came early as the Helen Woodward Animal Center held its 6th Annual Doggie Gras Parade in Rancho Santa Fe, California on Sunday.

In an effort to get rescue dogs adopted, the animal center dressed up their pooches for a Mardi Gras parade that’s giving New Orleans a run for its money.

Costumed canines donning feathers, beads and masks made their way down “BourBONE Street” in “CATon Rouge” in some fancy floats for the colorful celebration which was held at a local farmer’s market.

Sir Ruffles Von Plume won best costume and Sammy King Octodog took home first place for his bubbly sea-themed float.

All the money raised goes directly to the animal center giving these pooches another reason to wag their tails.