1010 WINS — He is behind some of the best bodies in Hollywood, he’s the lead trainer on the Black Panther movie and also stars on Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

He’s Corey Calliet and he recently stopped by The Trend with Rebecca Granet and proved why he’s the king of fitness!

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Calliet talked about how he became a celebrity trainer. “It’s funny. That’s the first time I was asked how I became a celebrity trainer,” Calliet said. “I really wanted to be a celebrity trainer — it was something I said one day. I remember being in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — very small town where there’s no celebrities — and I said, ‘I have a really good skill set where I could really make people look really good and if I have one actor that I can transform then I would get the job.'”

“I was asked to work on Fantastic Four and that’s where I met Michael B. Jordan,” Calliet added. “I was the set for like a month and didn’t train nobody. I was getting a check — I was happy for the check — but I needed that check to turn into a career not just a paycheck and we met each other and it was like a partner/brothership waiting to happen and it took off from there. Once you train one celebrity — a real celebrity — the word gets out … people start to see you and they see your work but it’s your work.  If you do really good work it’s going to show and people are going to want you. And after I did Creed it took me to another level.”

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When asked if he ever got starstruck around a celebrity and couldn’t train them, Corey said, “Honestly, I’ve never been starstruck with a client. OK, I’m lying. The first time Michael hit me up we exchanged numbers and then he hit me up and was like, ‘Yo, you ready to train?’ This was like 5 years ago and I was getting my haircut and told my barber, ‘That’s Michael B Jordan hitting me up.’ That was the only time it ever happened. It never happened again and he knows that’s the only time I’m ever say that one thing, I give him his props — you had me starstruck that one time — that’s it. One time.”

Corey was the lead trainer on Black Panther and is the man behind the amazing bodies of the cast. He told Rebecca it was a big deal just to be a part of this “amazing” film and added, “To see my actors up there looking as good as they look, it’s like seeing my kid at a kindergarten graduation.”

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Black Panther is in theaters Friday. Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on E!