1010 WINS — This father gave his little girl a surprise she’ll never forget.

Dee Clark took his daughter, Kinglsey, out for a special date because he wanted to show her how a man should treat a woman.

When Kingsley went into her room, there was a brand new dress laid out for her, complete with paper hearts and a greeting card.

Kingsley broke down crying as she read the sweet card from her daddy which read, “Hello my beautiful princess. Get dress[ed]. I’m taking you to your favorite spot.”

With a little help from mom, little Kingsley got on her new dress and put her hair up in a matching silver bow for her big date with dad.

Kingsley’s mom, Ashley, told 1010 WINS, “I pray and hope that fathers, especially young fathers who have kids but mainly daughter[s,] understand how important it is to be apart of their lives so when they do grow up in the real world they understand self value and never expect nothing but the best from their mate!”

When the 3-year-old finished getting ready, her dad presented her with a beautiful red rose and the adorable duo headed off to her favorite restaurant for a delicious meal.

Though the food looks great, we guess the company was her favorite part of all!