NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking for a man they say punched a subway rider in the face for no apparent reason.

On Wednesday, police released surveillance video in hopes of catching the alleged attacker.

Police say the victim was riding the 7 train home with co-workers the night of February 6th when he was suddenly knocked out. The suspect was seen casually passing through the gate at the Main Street station in Flushing, Queens shortly after the assault.

CBS2’s Valerie Castro spoke with the victim.

“I’m feeling nervous now after what happened to me,” 36-year-old Khurram Safri said.

He says he was heading home from work when the man in the video punched him in the face.

“This side is my other two guys, so we are talking like this and suddenly he came and just punched me and my head is banged into the car,” Safri said.

The hit took him by surprise, knocking him unconscious for ten seconds. When he came to, he says his coworker pointed out the assailant.

Safri says the man had been harassing other passengers but he didn’t think he would get physical, especially for no reason. Once the train stopped at Main Street, the suspect left the station despite the efforts of Safri’s coworker to hold him there.

The victim says he’s just grateful his injury wasn’t worse, and that he was the target of the violence instead of someone else.