HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island couple will never be able to look at the Long Island Expressway the same way again.

The two were rushing to the hospital Tuesday night after she went into labor, but realized quickly they weren’t going to make it in time.

That’s when dad stepped in.

On Wednesday, Janine Livote and her newborn baby, Charlotte, were resting comfortably at Huntington Hospital. It was a far cry from the night before, when Janine delivered her bundle of joy on the shoulder of the H-O-V lane of the LIE during the evening rush.

“We were heading west so it wasn’t as bad but we were still in some traffic, thank goodness for the HOV lane,” Janine told CBS2.

Charlotte is the Livotes’ second child. For the first, Janine says she was induced for 24 hours of labor. Charlotte, on the other hand, came only minutes after her water had broke.

“I pull over, I leave the car running, throw the hazards on, run to the other side, I check and I was like ‘she’s crowning, this is happening. We aren’t going to get to the nearest hospital I have to deliver this baby’,” Edward Livote said.

So that’s exactly what Edward did, right on the shoulder of the LIE by exit 51.

“You don’t have time for those nerves or anxieties to kick in,” Edward said. He did, luckily, have time to dial 911.

Jon Hallock was the dispatcher and coached the father through delivery of the baby. He even guided him through cutting the umbilical cord.

“I then instructed him that he was going to have to take his shoelace off because we need to tie the cord,” Hallock said. He then got first responders to the couple and newborn as fast as possible.

They then rushed safely to the hospital, where the couple says they’re happy with the name Charlotte — but possibly open to some nicknames.

One possibility is Ellie, a play on LIE.

Hallock says in the 11 years he’s been answering 911 calls, this was the first time he helped deliver a baby.