NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Forget the idea of “seeing is believing.” New technology is making digital media manipulation easier than ever.

The result? Phony videos that are popping up across the web.

One video making the rounds is of former-President Barack Obama delivering a speech that he never actually made. It’s part of a video trend circulating the internet called Deepfake, which has made it tougher to tell what’s real and what’s not.

“It’s very concerning because as people get better with this software we’re able to not just use celebrities, they’re able to use a neighbor in a video and compromise that person,” FITECH Senior Vice President Duarte Pereira said.

Pereira says in recent months, the videos started appearing on Reddit. They’re created by a program called Fake App, which superimposes videos of one person’s face on another person’s body.

“The way they do it is they identify things in your face like your eyebrows, nose as they break your face down into smaller pieces,” tech expert Ram Jayaraman said.

Until recently, the artificial intelligence video technology was only used by major Hollywood productions. Social media apps like Snapchat have made the face-morphing technology all too easy to obtain.

Experts are worried it could have serious moral implications, like framing people for crimes or putting celebrities’ faces on pornographic performers.

There’s also concern the technology could be used to circulate fake news and smear politicians.

Reddit took steps to ban a number of Deepfake groups that had tens of thousands of members, but experts say people are still accessing the tool on the dark web.

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  1. Gideon Samid says:

    This is very good news! Privacy comes back. The compromising video you took of me has no value because nobody knows if this is real or fake.

    1. John Taylor says:

      Only if you-re given the opportunity/right to prove it/s fake. But if the govt…or let/s be real, the agencies that are controlled by those that run the agencies…wants to frame someone, they can simply say that the video was investigated and shown to be real and the damage is done. Undoing damage, as we all know, is tough work, esp. with the MSM also under control of the Dark State.

  2. Mike Arvand says:

    So… digital editing has finally caught up with the capability of liberals to lie?

  3. Need to ban computers! We were warned for years – who hasn’t seen Terminator!!!!!! AAGGHHHHH

  4. Paul Kent says:

    CBS is trying to get ahead of potential release of Hillary & Huma video that was on Weiner’s laptop. They don’t want you to believe your lying eyes. From Q Anon: Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5).

  5. Anyone who tells your there is something call “computer security” has no idea what they are talking about. Every discipline moves forward; getting better and more sophisticated. Just like a rock, a baseball bat, a screw driver, a hammer or a gun, new capabilities can be used for good or neutral things or for mischief or evil. And, yes, we will definitely see people being framed by faked video footage of them committing a crime or violating their marital vows and it will be completely, totally convincing but fake.

    It’s the wild west out there!

  6. I like how they call it an “online video trend deepfake”… He’s the guy on Reddit that started adding celebs into porn clips. Good stuff, too. Not that I looked, but whatever… you know, like a friend told me about it or something.

  7. Look on youtube about how on 9/11 the planes were nothing but CGI planes, not real planes!

  8. Hmmm very convenient this is coming out right before a bombshell video of Hillary comes out from Humas laptop. MSM must know how bad it is.

    1. Bill Loyal says:

      Yeah isn’t that interesting. I sure hope they #Releasethevideo

  9. Everything on the Internet is fake. Duh.

  10. With Obama, if he’s not being disingenuous every 10 seconds, you know it’s fake.

  11. Of course the main stream media has had this technology for years. Just one more tool for lying. They’re just shocked now that “their” cat is out of the bag. So the best thing we can do is spread awareness of this technology, so the MSM can’t get away with it anymore.

  12. Fred Stevens says:

    Russia did it!! It must be Trump’s fault, somehow.

  13. Bill Jones says:

    If you see it on the internet – DON’T BELIEVE IT, even if it supports your agenda.

  14. this is NOT news.This was making the rounds on the internat a couple of years ago.”Alarming advances in mediocre irrelevant news stories”

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