LOS ANGELES (CBSNewYork) — Two women who say they were sexually assaulted by actor Steven Seagal spoke Monday from the law offices of their attorney to detail accusations dating back two decades.

Actor Regina Simons and Dutch former model Faviola Dadis were joined by Lisa Bloom, who is representing the two women.

Prosecutors with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office last month said they were looking into sexual assault allegations against the “Hard To Kill” actor.

The press conference Monday was the first time either accuser publicly detailed their stories.

Regina Simons said she had been cast as an extra on the movie “On Deadly Ground,” and was invited to a wrap party at Seagal’s residence, which instead turned out to be the actor alone at his home.

“Seagal was more than twice my size, and twice my age,” Simons said. “I was not sexually active, nor had I ever been naked in front of a man before. I froze.”

Simons said Seagal then unrobed and began having sex with her.

“There was nothing consensual about this,” Simons said. “I could not move and felt as if I was watching my body from above. I felt tears coming down my face, and I looked away from his face.”

After sex, Simons said Seagal put his hand on the door and asked if she needed any money, but she simply grabbed her clothing and drove away.

“I cried the entire way home,” she said.

She said Seagal attempted to contact her several times after that night, but she would not speak to him.

“This completely changed the trajectory of my life,” Simons said. “I’m thankful for the #MeToo movement, the Silence Breakers, Times Up and the many brave people who came before me who said they would be silent no more. To anyone listening who may be wondering if they should come forward, know that they are not alone.”

Faviola Dadis recounted her experience with Seagal 16 years ago.

“In 2002, when I was only 17-years-old, I was sexually assaulted by Steven Seagal,” said Dadis.

“I had grown up admiring him,” she said, describing how the two developed a friendship prior to her private audition at a hotel room for role in Seagal’s planned Genghis Khan movie.

“I was very surprised when I arrived there, there was no other individuals in the room and Steven’s assistant left me alone with him and his personal security guard,” said Dadis, who then described Seagal touching her under her clothing and prompting her to immediately end the audition and leave the hotel room.

“This is something that never goes away,” she said, noting her report to the Los Angeles police department years later was an effort to encourage other women who had similar incidents with Seagal to come forward.

“Until you experience sexual assault yourself, it is hard to explain why it make take such a long time to come public with these very disturbing experiences,” she said. “So many women like myself live in fear of what people might say about them, and what might happen as a result of reporting sexual assault.”

Simons and Dadis are among several women who have accused Seagal of sexual assault over the years, including Jenny McCarthy, Portia de Rossi and Rae Dawn Chong.