By Justin Lewis
CBS2 Meteorologist

The snow will persist and remain moderate to heavy through this afternoon. Intermediate bands of very heavy snow could result in 1-2-inch-plus snowfall rates and poor visibility.

In addition to the snow, we’ll be dealing with gusts of 40 mph (NYC) to 60 mph (eastern Long Island), creating blizzard-like conditions at times.

nu tu what to expect 41 3/21 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Noreaster Headlines

The story remains the same into this evening with travel becoming difficult if not nearly impossible as the snow continues to accumulate. We’re going to have to wait until the late-night hours before the snow begins to taper with the last of the flakes expected near and around sunrise.

jl snowfall forecast 22 3/21 CBS2 Wednesday Afternoon Noreaster Headlines

The good new is, the weather will cooperate on Thursday for the clean up, though it will be chilly out there.