NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The spring nor’easter gave many students an unexpected break from school Wednesday.

Instead of studying, they were outside enjoying a snow day. CBS2’s Cindy Hsu went outside to join the fun.

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She came across Griffin and Milo taking a mom-powered sled ride, but they really love the downhill.

“I done it the first time and now I’m doing it the second time,” Milo said.

For working parents, it can be a challenge when it comes to snow day childcare.

“It is really tough, because you have to make plans to figure out what you’re doing to do. So my husband I, we split the day – one of us works half a day, the other one works the other half,” mother Joanne Kwong said.

Melissa Pokala got the day off.

“We made a snowman, we tried a little bit of sledding,” she said. “What else did we do today, Henry?”

“We built a lot of snow castles!” he added.

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The Bell family also went the snowman route, and Hank told Hsu his stood a bit over 5 feet 5 inches tall.

“I mean it’s basically a little taller than you,” he said.

His mom agreed snow days can be tough.

“Sometimes it doesn’t sound that fun. But for whatever reason, I was really excited today,” she said.

For Hsu and her colleagues, snow means being out in the elements and reporting all day. So for snow days, her daughter, Rosie, would always stay with friends – oftentimes Hannah and Alexa, whose mom would take the day off.

Now, they’re in high school, able to take care of themselves and be a little more productive.

“We’re making chocolate chip pancakes,” Alexa said Wednesday.

“I didn’t do any of my homework once I heard,” said Rosie.

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They all agreed snow days were more fun when they were little. So enjoy them now, because it goes by so fast.