THE BRONX (CBSNewYork) — Police say an ambitious robber smashed his way through a roof and a wall to make off with just $300 from an Eastchester grocery store last Wednesday.

NYPD officials say the suspect cut a hole in the roof of a pharmacy still under construction and dropped down inside, reports CBS2’s Tony Aiello.

Using a platform being used in the construction, the man pushed it up against a wall shared by a neighboring C-Town grocery store, then proceeded to kick his way through the drywall into an office on the other side.

His entry into the grocery store was fully caught on camera thanks to surveillance system, which the man soon turned off – but not before capturing his face and documenting the intrusion.

Joseph Ventola got a kick out of the video released by the NYPD.

“Look at him,” he said. “He’s crawling like a dog!”

After all that, authorities said the man made off with just $300 stolen from a lock box in the office.


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