NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Social media might seem like the quickest path to fame and fortune — it’s easy enough to just post a picture on Instagram, right?

CBS2’s Jessica Layton took a look at what it really takes to get in on this new breed of celebrity, and how hard the stars worked to get there.

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The life of a social media influencer involves having followers in the tens of thousands and beyond. It’s hitting the big time on the small screen.

Barrett Pall says he worked hard for that dream.

“Everyone wants to do this,” he told CBS2.

He currently touts a quarter-million followers.

“Most of us in this influencer world created our own little brand that became something bigger than ourselves,” Pall said.

He says his constant hustle paid off; posting daily, running to brand meetings, and keeping up constant contact with followers were all part of the grind.

With 87,500 plus followers, Dara Pollack has become a recognizable face to foodie fans with her handle @skinnypignyc.

“It’s very exciting to be someone who has that kind of power in a weird way but it’s also a lot of pressure,” she said.

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The pressure means hitting multiple restaurants daily, documenting every bite, and learning portion control.

Insta-star Cheyenne Adler is on the rise, with just under 10,000 followers. Her world revolves around non-stop posting, meetings, and events.

“If someone kind of looks up to me and use me as a role model, that’s what I feel anyone would want,” she said.

In the meantime, Adler works a day job to support herself.

Writer Emily Sundberg says it’s a challenge to be a standout in what’s now a very crowded field, but adds being authentic can still get you noticed.

“It’s radical to be unfiltered and flawed and show that you’re not eating perfect food all the time,” she said.

The trio of influencers say it’s their tru voices in their feeds, and attribute that to their own Insta-star status.

“What do you do when you wake up? You roll over and check Instagram, so you’re constantly having the images of these people in your head,” Sundberg said.

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For anyone with their own dreams of social media stardom, experts say to keep in mind it takes complete dedication. You should expect to get by on very little sleep and audiences expect to see not only your best, but what’s real.