NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Welcome to Williamsburg’s “Dream Machine.”

The nine-room interactive exhibit takes guests through different stages of dreaming and serves as the perfect backdrop for their latest social media photos.

CEO Paige Solomon, 27, turned a crumbling social security building into a social media playground.

“I really call it a $38 escape from reality,” she said.

There’s one room that has you feeling like you’re submerged under water, one that’s in black and white, a hidden room covered in mirrors and lights, which takes you to infinity and beyond, and another where you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

“Instagram and Snapchat are doing so well, because people want to tell their daily story. And we are just a place that allows them to tell that story,” said Solomon.

Organizers say the most popular spot is the “Rainbow Room.”

“It was amazing. Every room as super cool,” Molly Workman, of Dallas, Texas, said.

The Hanks siblings from Salt Lake took turns taking their best photos, not thinking twice about the $38 admission fee.

“I don’t even remember how much the ticket was, but I don’t care, because it looked fun,” said Jordan Hanks.

The exhibit opened its doors last week and has already started to sell out.

How did people learn about it so quickly? You guess it: social media.

“I saw it on Instagram. Always fun to find something in New York that’s a little different like the normal touristy stuff,” Zoe Weiner, of Rhode Island, added.

These millennials said, ‘forget the Empire State Building,’ this place is what they’re dreaming about seeing.

“People are hungry for this right now. I always say between brunch and ‘Game of Thrones,’ It’s really hard to fill your day,” said Solomon.

The popup exhibit already sold out this weekend, but organizers plan on being around until the end of May. For more information, click here.