FREEPORT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A deli worker is in critical condition after being shot overnight during what may have been an attempted robbery.

Freeport resident Michael Anderson says his 12-year-old son heard two gunshots coming from the bodega on the ground floor below their apartment on N. Main Street.

“They’re good people in there and that shouldn’t have happened to them,” Anderson told CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

It was 2:30 a.m. when police say a suspect entered the Family Gourmet Deli and demanded cash from the 43-year-old man working the overnight shift alone behind the counter.

The worker was shot in the leg and upper torso.

“Detectives have been able to interview him briefly in the beginning but he was going in to surgery in extremely critical condition,” said Nassau County Police Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun.

It’s unclear if store security cameras even work, but detectives said they were able to learn from the victim about how the suspect was dressed.

“On his face is described as a hard, dark blue mask that covers most of his face and then again he had a hoodie on,” said LeBrun. “He had black gloves on and he had very dark clothing.”

CBS2 met the two owners after they locked up the store and prepared to drive away.

“I’m busy now, I’m busy,” one said. “I’ll be back.”

Neighbors call the victim friendly and hard-working with a wife and daughters living in another country.

“He was ready to go home and see his family,” said Anderson. “I believe it’s Yemen.”

Anderson said he hopes they catch the suspect.

“I hope they do, really do,” he said.

The investigation is ongoing.


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