NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police are investigating a vicious dog attack that was caught on camera in the subway.

A pit bull latched onto a passenger’s foot and wouldn’t let go.

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Now, people are wondering why the animal was on the train in the first place.

Witnesses told CBS2’s Ali Bauman from the moment the dog got onto the busy subway car, they could feel the tension. Its owner only had it on a leash, which is against MTA rules.

Video shows commuters circling around the pit bull with its teeth tightly clenched around a woman’s shoe. Her leg twists as the dog tugs on her foot.

It happened around 3 p.m. Friday on the 4 train approaching Wall Street.

Tahysi Kyng recorded the video and said it all started when the dog’s owner sat his pet on the seat next to the woman.

“She’s like, ‘the dog doesn’t belong on the seat.’ He’s like, ‘I’m not moving my dog,’” said Kyng.

“She pushes it like, ‘What is this dog doing on the chair?’ And he’s like, ‘do not push my dog.’ And she does it one more time, and he just goes swinging,” another witness Denise Leon added.

Kyng said the woman and dog owner started fighting, with the pit bull still between them.

“He’s jumping on her, but she moves back. That’s when he catches hold of her shoe and he was not letting it go,” said Leon.

Other riders kept their distance as the owner wrestled the dog off by its collar. He then threw the woman’s shoe back at her.

“At the same time, you want to help her, but you don’t want the dog to turn on you,” Leon said.

“He never told the dog to let her go at all,” said Kyng.

The MTA allows dogs on subway cars but they must be contained to a carrying case. A spokesperson told CBS2 the video is “disturbing and a clear violation of our rules.”

“Big dogs are not supposed to be on the train,” Leon said. “I just wanted to know if she was OK.”

Kyng said the conductor made everyone get off the train at the next stop. He didn’t get a chance to ask the woman if she was alright, but she was able to walk and didn’t appear to be bleeding.

The NYPD and MTA are investigating.

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  1. Rick Masters says:

    The headline should read “Idiots Attacks Dog. Dog Teaches Idiot A Lesson.”

    1. Rick Masters: The women’s actions were ignorant, I would not advise anyone to enforce pet regulations themselves. However, why is a grown man bringing a PIT-BULL onto the train? It makes no sense. I live in the District of Columbia, if I saw a PIT BULL on our subway, I’d get off at the next stop and run to the conductor car; I’d let them know and ask them to get the dog OFF THE TRAIN! The women was wrong, but the impetus of the issue was the man bringing his un-muzzled dog onto the train.

  2. Sondra Burke says:

    How is she not being charged for animal cruelty?? She pushes it and then tussles with its owner and all the dog did was protect himself and his owner! Good dog! It’s about time someone called it for what it is.

  3. Dan Harris says:

    The lady should sue the living bejeezus out of the dog owner.

    1. How about the dog owner should sue the woman for attacking his dog.

  4. Headline should read WOMAN ATTACKS PIT BULL

  5. The owner should be prosecuted, and the entire pit bull breed should be exterminated!

  6. Fascinating that on the European reports I’ve seen of this story, the man recording the video clearly states that the dog attacked the woman because she attacked the dog’s owner… something the il-Liberal American media narrative doesn’t like, I suppose.

    1. Jimmy Zick says:

      The dog was not in a carrier and should not have been on the train let alone on the seat.

    2. Actually, had you read the article it’s right there.

  7. Why do I picture Pit Bull the Rapper attacking someone and can’t shake the image.

  8. Why is this not assault with a deadly weapon?

    1. Net Netty says:

      Not sure if they classify animals as weapons. And not sure pit bulls are weapons. Much like guns, crappy owners are always to blame for these incidents.

  9. Don McCoy says:

    INSANE to have dogs on a subway. ANY dogs, but pit bulls especially. Who cares if the woman pushed the dog that she didn’t want to deal with and shouldn’t have been there!? This is the dog owners fault 100%. This is WHY uncaged dogs can’t be on the train!

  10. John Tucker says:

    Shame on cbs. The woman attacked the dog. Fake news headlines.

    1. Precisely!..people are idiots, maybe she’ll shut her mouth the next time…..very well mannered dog until she shoved something that didn’t belong to her, raised her voice to the owner which alerted the dog his owner was in trouble……Good Dog, he could have done more than “pinch” her foot, he could have tore it off! STUPID PEOPLE!

  11. Jim Dea says:

    The woman pushed the dog TWICE the witness said, then the woman and man began to fight with the dog in between them. How else do you expect a loyal animal to behave? This was not an unprovoked attack.

  12. Of course the dog shouldn’t be there, but the lady used poor judgment to pick a fight with the dog and its owner. She is lucky she still has her foot.

  13. It’s funny ’cause they let rats on the train, but not dogs. Guess they don’t want any crotch-sniffing, apart from the naked homeless people flinging poo that is. New York. LOL.

  14. Tyler Pierce says:

    Pit Bull owners are generally low IQ.

  15. Whoever the owner is he is a complete idiot and should be prosecuted and sued for what he did and any injuries to the woman! What a fool!!!

  16. bdnsc says:

    In a good old Red State city a CWP holder would have shot the dog.
    Problem solved.

  17. Jon Gruber says:

    very misleading headline, it should be “Dog viciously attacks a shoe.”
    She was a complete idiot who deserves some of what she got but the guy was rude and shouldn’t have is dog sitting on the seat, particularly if it is busy.

    1. You’re a fool. What did she do to deserve “what she got”? She didn’t want to sit next to a growling strange pit bull that didn’t belong on the train! I hope your child gets bitten by a pit bull and your child will have it coming too! You fool.

  18. Steve Hollar says:

    This low-life idiot needs to be charged with assault.

  19. Maybe next time she wont physically confront someone she cant beat. And as usual, the police are minutes away.

  20. cma1973 says:

    Why is he not under arrest?

    1. Woman attacks dog and owner, dog teaches lesson. Sorry media, you don’t think for me.You are promoting vigilantism.

  21. this dog owner gets on Kingsbridge Road, I’ve seen him before he sits his dog on the seat, the last time I saw him there was a lady sitting down with a baby in a carriage and he sat the dog next to the lady.

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