By Justin Lewis
CBS2 Meteorologist

We’ll see passing showers this afternoon, then showers and scattered storms late in the day. And if we see enough energy out there, we can’t rule out a few severe storms — watch those skies!

Showers and storms will push through this evening followed by clearing skies overnight. Expect temps to fall into the upper 50s or so by daybreak.

nu tu skycast 3d tonight 5/10 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Friday’s shaping up to be a decent one with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. And our temps will remain above normal in the 70s, so it will feel pretty good out there.

jl severe weather 21 5/10 CBS2 Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Saturday will be the next day to watch as we’re expecting rain and showers in the vicinity, so be sure to check back!