By Giorgio Panetta

CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer

I hope everyone had a safe night and all I hope your family, friends & property was not damaged too much.
Today will be much calmer although we do have the risk for rain.
It will be a cooler day with temps in the 60s and an easterly wind off the cooler ocean waters.
nu tu skycast 3d today 3 5/16 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines


North of NYC skies will be clearer and more sun will be available for milder temps.
Today’s high: 60-65°. Tomorrow is a very cloudy & unsettled day around the area again.
Temps will be milder and the rain will be lighter, so i think Thursday is shaping up to be a better day than Wednesday.
nu tu 7day auto 10 5/16 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines


Check back in for an early look at the weekend forecast! Rain? Sun? Snow?????
… Just kidding about the snow! 😉
– G