MORRISANIA, The Bronx (CBSNewYork) – On Tuesday along on Eagle Avenue in the Bronx, New York City police received an alarming report of “a vicious animal” and “a beast” roaming the streets.

The monster, as it turns out, was a friendly 2-year-old pot-bellied pig named Kalamazoo, reports CBS2’s Scott Rapoport.

It seems the 60-pound portly porker got out of wherever he was being kept and began walking through the Morrisania neighborhood, getting into garbage and raising eyebrows among the curious residents.

Cops collared Kalamazoo and contacted the Animal Control Centers of New York, who’ve now set him up in a straw-filled room with plenty to eat.

“He loves to snack on apples,” said ACC’s Katy Hansen. “The staff are sometimes fighting to see who gets to feed him the apples.”

The NYPD says no one has come forward to report Kalamazoo missing, which is not unusual given that it is illegal to keep a pot-bellied pig as a pet in New York City.

The ACC says they suspect he was probably being kept as a pet but that he got too big for its owner and was abandoned.

On Thursday, Kalamazoo was transferred to a sanctuary farm in Westchester where he can happily live out his days.