NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As Memorial Day quickly approaches, everyone wants to how high temperatures will go and what gas prices will be.

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According to experts, it looks like the temperature won’t be the only thing that’s high. Even though Gabriel Rosario loves his Acura, he says he won’t be taking it far this Memorial Day Weekend because the price of gas is burning through his wallet.

“Sometimes I go down to Atlantic City, the Jersey Shore, out to Long Island, Jones Beach,” he said. “This year I think I’ll stay at Orchard Beach.”

Though nearly 42 million people across the country are expected to travel this holiday weekend, many drivers who spoke with CBS2 said they’re opting to stay local.

They say it’s just not worth it because of the gas. Prices are on the rise in the area, going up about a penny a day. In New York City, the current average is $3.17, so is Westchester. Long Island is a bit cheaper at $3.09, while New Jersey comes in at $2.92.

“Most recently as a result of the announcement of the possible re-impositions of the sanctions on Iran,” Robert Sinclair Jr. from AAA said.

Sinclair says by Memorial Day Weekend, the average gas price will be at least a nickle higher than it was Monday.

“Drivers will see the highest Memorial Day gas prices since 2014,” Sinclair said, adding now’s the time to look out for price gouging. In the Bronx, two Citgo stations on the Hutchinson River Parkway are selling their gas at almost $4.00, while one Mobile station on Manhattan’s West Side was selling gas for a whopping $4.99.

Customers were left shocked.

“Unbelievable,” one said. “I wasn’t even paying attention. I didn’t even realize it was that high. I would have waited to go up in Queens.”

Officials say it’s difficult to define price gouging, and even harder to enforce. There is, however, a rule of thumb.

“If a price is 10 percent of what the average is in particular geography, then that may be considered price gouging,” Sinclair said.

To avoid paying a higher gas price, drivers are advised to look up cheap gas stations online before they travel and not be afraid to travel a little out of the way to find a better deal.

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  1. Rusty Harris says:

    Glad I still live in the midwest. With our low cost of living, and low taxes, ours is still “cheap” at 2.70/gallon. AND NO YOU CANNOT MOVE HERE!

  2. It’s the government who is price gouging.

  3. Social engineers using high gas prices to push unreliable, limited distance electric cars, thus making people prisoners of where they live.

  4. And you can put the blame on the outrageous NYC highest sales and gas taxes along with the outrageous real estate taxes, all getting passed along to the consumer. Thanks liberals and democrats.

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