YONKERS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A homeowner’s surveillance video captured a pet owner’s worst nightmare — their beloved dog being hit by a car.

The video may be disturbing to watch, but there’s a surprising outcome that can’t be missed.

“He’s our baby,” owner Mackenzie Forsberg told CBS2. “You see him there lifeless and he was bleeding and I was petrified.”

Hank is Mary and Mackenzie’s 4-year-old shih-poo, a shih tzu and toy poodle mix. They say it was just before dinner when they were in front of their Yonkers home with three-year-old twins Logan and Riley.

“We went to clean up our scooters,” Mackenzie said. “He’s extremely trained, never runs in the street.”

This time, he did. Mackenzie said Hank darted into the street unexpectedly from behind a parked car.

“He went close to the street and got hit by a car,” Riley said. The dog wasn’t breathing, according to Mackenzie.

She rushed him to the Animal Specialty Center, into the care of Dr. Richard Joseph.

“We’re always hoping for the best, but we prepare for the worst,” Dr. Joseph said.

Doctors say at first Hank was barely conscious, suffering a concussion from being hit by the car.

“We knew that he had to have a problem at the base of the brain,” Dr. Joseph said. “He didn’t have any major fractures.”

Dr. Joseph said the first and second day little Hank couldn’t even stand so they just had to give it a little time.

As Logan blew out a dandelion puff for a wish, it turned out that sometimes they do come true.

“By the third and fourth day he was walking,” Dr. Joseph said. “It really is a miracle.”

Mary and Mackenzie were unable to contain their joy.

“I’m gonna start to cry,” Mackenzie said. “He’s like his old self, like nothing ever happened to him.”

The vet bill came to about $5,000. It’s a lot, but it’s something the Forsberg family says was well worth it.