NEW CANAAN, Conn. (CBSNewYork) – ‘For Sale’ signs will soon be a thing of the past on homes in New Canaan, Connecticut.

A six-month trial ban starts July 1, meaning those signs you see in front of houses will have to be taken down.

The New Canaan Board of Realtors voted in favor of the ban, saying prospective home buyers aren’t driving around town anymore. Instead, they’re researching online.

“Most people recognize they’re not really contributing to the sale of the home,” said Joe Scozzafava, a realtor at William Raveis. “With the buyers that we’re dealing with, who are mostly millennials, who are very tech-savvy.”

The board also said the signs take away from the beauty of New Canaan and the rest of Connecticut.

“I find it to be a little tacky and it doesn’t look so great,” homeowner Priscilla Rossi said.

“The amount of them is giving buyers an idea that this entire town is for sale,” said resident Shawn Gardner.

But not everyone agrees with eliminating the signs all together and enjoy their subtle appeal.

“They’re not super advertising companies,” Rachel Palacios said.

“I think they’re nice to know what’s going on,” said Jenny Goldstein.

Ron Marks said he wouldn’t have found his dream home without a lawn sign.

“It had a generic for sale sign by broker, with a phone number, which I called, followed up on and ended up buying the house,” he said.

The board said it has been talking about the ban for years, evening thinking it may become a trend.

“There are already sellers who request no signs in front of their homes because they don’t think it adds to the beauty,” said Lori Kelly, executive officer of the New Canaan Board of Realtors.

Once the ban is over, they’ll see whether it helped or hurt the local real estate market. It the pilot succeeds, they may try to make it permanent.

The board said a similar ban has been working in nearby Greenwich.

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  1. From the article it sounds like the Board of Realtors decided for the ban. I do not see how that would impact homes being sold by owner. They should have no influence on the laws of the town. Hoping that is the case for those who prefer not to give 6% of the sales price of their home to a Realtor.

  2. In the upscale town of Ponte Vedra Beach FL, For Sale signs are all about 8″x10″ and they are all tan with green lettering. The sign are very unobtrusive, but you can still tell the home is for sale.

  3. Connecticut’s population has been falling for three straight years. Meanwhile, only Michigan, Ohio, and Mississippi had slower job growth than Connecticut did over the last two decades, So who is left to drive down the road and see a house for sale sign!

  4. Sounds like something from Nannytucket

  5. Steve Runyon says:

    If the seller doesn’t want a sign thats fine, however, I think banning the signs is dumb, I cannot see how not having them drives up sales.

  6. reason # 6,12 why i haven’t voted dumbocrat in 40 years

  7. I lived in Fairfield County and there is no dearth of snobbery.

  8. Montecito, CA has had a no sign policy for many years.

  9. Too many running away from this beautiful high tax haven? Wonder why?

  10. anitanolan says:

    What percentage of homes are listed? More than 300 homes in a town with a population of 20k (Zillow has it at more than 400)? That seems like a lot.

  11. Seems like a really good way for the brokers to kill any for sale by owner attempts

  12. Joe Greene says:

    There’s a lot of interesting twists to this approach. A buyer, on their way to look at a prop they found online, is eyeballing every sign and very typically sees properties that they think, should have showed up on their search. Overall, I like the idea. I don’t think it would affect the rate of sales, it makes the communities look better and frees Realtors from an unpleasant task.

  13. Tina Smith says:

    Guess now is the perfect time to randomly list houses on Craigslist as being for sale and advertise an Open House, if door locked, feel free to kick it open, we’re replacing it anyway. Without a marker on the property, or face-to-face confirmation with the owner, you would have no idea of you’re actually looking at a house that’s for sale or if it was misinformation. Will the BAR give everyone equal access to their listings so they can list their house without going through a realtor?? Sounds like the city council is 100% realestate agents trying to force people to use a realtor.

    1. Bill Burdell says:

      I think you are absolutely correct, that’s what I got out of the story.

  14. Just put a sign with a number on it out front. People will get the point.

    Call xxx-xxxx

  15. Having a sign in the yard can alert criminals that the house may be vacant and tempt them to steal fixures, wiring or just destroy the interior. I would never have a sign in my front yard….

    1. Well, one of the many beautiful things about our nation is that you aren’t required to have a sign in front of your house.

  16. This has been a law in Oak Park, Il for decades.

  17. Apparently “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,
    Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free, now now.”

  18. “Most people recognize they’re not really contributing to the sale of the home,” said Joe Scozzafava, a realtor at William Raveis. “…the buyers we deal with are mostly millennials, who are very tech-savvy.” So laughable! He forgot to mention most millennials are BROKE!

  19. nueone says:

    and what if an owner wants to sell, without listing with an agent?

    1. John Murphy says:

      “The New Canaan Board of Realtors voted in favor of the ban” answers your question. You can’t. The ban is not about safety or aesthetics. It’s about businesses rent seeking.

  20. Norin Saxe says:

    Maybe the town wants to cover up how many people are fleeing.

  21. Jay Barbieri says:

    I wonder what it is like?

  22. People are leaving in droves because of the high taxes so the probably Dem City Council decides to hide their head in the sand believing that if the signs aren’t in the front yard, their tax base isn’t diminishing and people aren’t leaving.
    Poor delusions Liberals

  23. Liberalism run amok once again. Sad!

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