NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for a suspect after a Con Edison worker was found stabbed to death in a Bronx apartment.

It happened Wednesday inside a building on University Avenue.

Forty-year-old Tyrone Fleming was found stabbed in the back after police say he never showed up to his job as a Con Ed worker and mechanic.

youtube Con Ed Worker Who Appeared In YouTube Series Found Stabbed To Death In The Bronx

(credit: Image via CBS2)

His friends got worried and called Fleming’s family, but it wasn’t until his fiancée went to check on him that she found his body blocking the front door, CBS2’s Marc Liverman reported.

“I rushed up the block to her and then saw my brother laying there,” his sister, Tiffany Tucker, told Liverman.

“I saw at 5:30 when the cops came and everything came and the family found out,” neighbor Lynnette Olivencia said. “It wasn’t nice. It was scary.”

“To lose him is just terribly devastating,” said friend Calvin Kennedy.

As a makeshift memorial for Fleming grows outside the building, police are still looking for clues.

“Who would do this? He didn’t have no problems with nobody. That’s my only brother I have, and they would do something like this to him,” said his sister. “Was it jealousy, envy? What was it? What is the case that y’all have to come and murder my brother?”

“That’s scary. They could be anywhere right now,” Olivencia said.

The victim was also known to appear on “848,” a YouTube crime drama series that sometimes had close to 100,000 views per episode, Liverman reported.

The series featured violence, but that’s not the kind of person Kennedy says Fleming really was.

“Very friendly, very open. He didn’t care who you were, what kind of lifestyle you had,” he said. “Very amazing individual. But I know he’s in a better place now.”

Police don’t have a motive but they do have unreleased video of a man wearing dark clothes entering the victim’s apartment. They say the suspect may have exited through a window.

And with no signs of forced entry, police think the victim may have known his killer.

“It must be somebody he knew. It has to be somebody he knew for him to open the door, because he won’t even open the door if I come up. I’ll have to call him first,” said his sister.

Liverman asked another friend if he thought the killing was related to the YouTube series.

“He was a good dude. He went to work, you know, take of his business, his kids so I doubt it was about any of that,” he said. “Hopefully it was not.”

Police say Fleming did have 11 prior arrests, including a DWI and an arrest for disorderly conduct.