NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he visited a facility in the New York City area Thursday that is housing children separated from their parents at the border.

The governor says some of the children are in foster care facilities. But he says federal officials have told foster agencies not to share information about the children with his administration.

Cuomo previously sent a letter demanding information on immigrants being housed there to Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. The governor said he wanted to ensure that appropriate services are being provided.

“We will be willing to provide mental health services, et cetera, to these traumatized children at our cost,” Cuomo said of the children in New York facilities.

The governor also said they’re now working to canvas foster care agencies to find out which facilities have children and where they have been sent around the state.

Nationally, pressure has been mounting on the White House to reunite migrant children separated from their families.

In Washington, a vote scheduled for Friday in the House on an immigration bill has been postponed until next week. Republican leaders are trying to rally more support.