NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A mother separated from her children at the U.S. border has been reunited with her family.

Yeni Gonzalez was tearful and emotionally overcome after seeing her three children for first time since immigration agents took them from her back in May.

Six weeks ago, the mother from Guatamala says she and her children – ages seven, nine, and 11 – tried to enter the United States illegally and were detained at the Arizona border.

Gonzalez was placed in an Arizona detention center while her children were brought all the way to a care center in East Harlem.

“When they saw me we hugged and we cried,” Gonzalez said through a translator.

A group of New Yorkers led by Julie Schwietert Collazo heard of the family’s case and started up a GoFundMe page to help. They raised $36,000, enough to post Gonzalez’s $7,500 bond in Arizona and drive her to visit her children in New York.

The migrant mother’s attorney added that an aunt in North Carolina is willing to take custody of the kids. During that process, Gonzalez or the aunt will have to prove they have gainful employment and a proper residence for the children to live in.

Attorneys hope continuing contributions from the community will help keep the family together. Gonzalez will reportedly able to visit her children at the center every day while the case is ongoing.