By Bree Guy
Weather Intern
It’s definitely heating up out there.
We are projected to hit high 80’s so try and stay cool out there!
Temperatures will continue on a mid to high 80 trend throughout the week!

(Credit: CBS2)

Humidity will also start to come down so the rest of the week is looking quite enjoyable!
Newly Category 2 Hurricane Chris is still making its way north and is getting stronger, sustaining over 100 mph winds!

(Credit: CBS2)

We, on the other hand, will be experiencing just the opposite, with winds staying between 5-10 mph today.
The rip current risk is still moderate to high today. Be cautious when venturing out into the waters.
There may be some fast moving pop up showers this afternoon but nothing too terrible.

(Credit : CBS2)

Most of the day is going to be mostly sunny.
The UV index is an 8 so it may be good to break out the sunscreen.
Temperatures will be mild tonight, not getting too chilly. Enjoy the warmth!