NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As the dog days of summer appear to be flying by, many are trying to make the most of what’s left of the season.

“This can’t be the end of summer, I wish I had a few more weeks to go,” said Scarsdale resident Kenny Kirby.

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“Winter was the worst everybody was rushing for the summer and now it’s gone…and my daughter’s going back to college next week. It’s too fast,” said Harlem resident Sherriel Evans.

Sunny skies, beautiful weather, and a lot more daylight. For most of us, summer isn’t just a season it’s the season.

“2018 it really is passing by. Working on the weekends, working every night, can’t even believe it’s already August 1, tomorrow,” said Yonkers resident Albert Ruggiere.

With Labor Day just over a month away, everybody has their own way of trying to hang on to what’s left.

“You must get up earlier to catch the morning sun. I get up at 4:45 and it’s lovely. You see all these people, there’s nobody but me,” said Evans.

For others, it’s all about simply sending summer off in style.

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“Have that vacation set every single year, the last week of August, beginning of September,” said Ruggiere.

We met with life coach Irina Popa-Erwin to find other ways to stop summer from slipping away.

It might seem obvious but Popa-Erwin says one of the best things you can do to try to extend your summer is to carry out some of your summer activities right into the fall.

“Build new friendships, going out, feeling a part of the community, having activities, taking your family for a getaway, things that definitely we cannot do in the winter time,” said Popa-Erwin.

Try and accomplish more goals while you still have the motivation.

“Start making that list and basically continue taking those activities off your list and you will feel so fulfilled by the end of August, you are like wow I achieved so much in such a short period of time,” said Popa-Erwin.

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Never forget to live in the moment. So when the weather starts cooling off, you can take those moments with you.