DURANGO, Mexico (CBSNewYork) – It was a true miracle in Mexico after no one was killed when a jet crashed shortly after takeoff on Tuesday.

New video taken by a passenger from inside the cabin shows the final terrifying seconds of Aeromexico flight 2431.

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The jetliner crashed shortly after takeoff off from the Durango Airport in northern Mexico, leaving passengers panicked and in shock.

According to witnesses, it happened as a powerful storm rolled through the area.

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“It was an impact…the second impact that was the strongest. That’s when I jumped up and was all banged up and I had my seat belt secured, it was on the second impact that I saw the flames in the front cabin. So that’s when the plane stopped, and in the back there was already a door open,” said Illinois resident and Mexican national Anabel Estrada.

One passenger recalled hearing an explosion right before the plane went down–but couldn’t tell if it was from a lightning strike or a mechanical failure.

Ashley Garcia shot video as she and other passengers fled to safety.

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“I got off the plane, I saw people, their face gushing blood, they had cut lips,” Garcia said. “I know some kids got like burns, like actual burns.”

Maria Olguín from Houston, Texas was visiting Mexico with five family members on board.

“Since I brought my baby in my arms, and my mother stayed a bit in front, I gave her to my older daughter and told her go. I went back for my mother, I got her and we all left together,” said Olguín.

First responders arrived on the scene within minutes to put out the fire and evacuate the passengers, many of whom were able to walk away.

Though many remain hospitalized with burns, including the pilot, survivor Alberto Herrera from the Chicago area told us it’s all still hard to believe.

“First thing I did was drink a big, big, big shot of tequila, I’m not going to lie,” he said. “Because I just fell from the sky and I am here to live and talk about it.”

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The cause of the crash is under investigation.