FAIRVIEW, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Dozens of residents in Bergen County are being evacuated from their homes after a sinkhole formed and a massive retaining wall collapsed next to their property.

Ground weakened by flooding came away next to the Fairview Gardens apartment building in Fairview, N.J., reports CBS2’s Marc Liverman.

“I was sleeping and the super was like ‘Please come out, we have to evacuate the building,’” said resident Katherine Batista. “When I come out there was a hole.”

About 40 apartments had to be evacuated, with residents forced to leave their homes because of the structural instability.

“It’s insane, you know, just to wake up at 3 in the morning and hear this happening and for them to tell you, you have to evacuate the premises,” said resident Emmanuel Peralta. “It’s a tough situation right now.”

Residents told by the property owner that it all started Thursday with rain and flooding that came down Fairview Avenue, collecting on their property, but it was the heavy rain Saturday that lead to this collapse.

The Red Cross is now on scene helping as families work to pack up and leave.

We don’t know what’s going to happen now. We just have to start looking but it’s hard.

Residents say their landlord and property company are nowhere to be found.

“They should be here, they should be helping us because like I said some people don’t have friends, they don’t have family,” said Batista.

“I’d like for them to contact us, or we’re going to contact them though so we’ll see what happens,” said resident Cynthia Montes.

Some residents say their security deposits have been given back as well as about half of this month’s rent but they need more answers.