NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Several students were reportedly injured on an escalator at Stuyvesant High School on Thursday.

According to the FDNY, at least 10 students were being evaluated for foot injuries suffered at the school in Lower Manhattan. Eight of the students required hospitalization, according to emergency responders at the scene. Luckily, all of the injuries are being called “minor.”

Authorities say there was a malfunction with the escalator that led to several people being placed on stretchers by emergency crews Thursday afternoon. CBS2’s Andrea Grymes was on the scene as students had their feet bandaged by paramedics.

The Department of Education released a statement at 5 p.m.

“The safety of students and staff is our top priority,” it read. “FDNY and EMS responded to a serious incident involving an escalator at Stuyvesant High School and students are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. We’re providing the school, students, and families with additional support and will conduct an investigation.”

FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Schiralli said officials are looking to see if surveillance tapes will reveal any new information about the accident. Schiralli added that the FDNY is not sure if overcrowding played a role in the escalator incident.

  1. Wtf do you mean minor? A kid lost his toes.

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