• Evelyn Rodriguez was the outspoken mother of a daughter killed by alleged MS-13 gang members.
  • She was a featured guest of President Donald Trump at his State of the Union address.
  • A dispute over a memorial for her daughter led to her being fatally run over.
  • Police say the driver of the vehicle involved is cooperating with police and the death is not considered gang-related.

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Evelyn Rodriguez, the mother of a Long Island teen who was killed by alleged MS-13 gang members, has died after she was struck by a vehicle at her daughter’s memorial site.

Evelyn Rodriguez’s daughter, Kayla Cuevas, was murdered not far from their Brentwood home in September 2016. Four alleged members of the MS-13 gang have been charged with killing Kayla and her 15-year-old friend Nisa Mickens.

Suffolk County Police Homicide Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer said Rodriguez got into an argument shortly after 4 p.m. with a person related to a resident living on Ray Court in Brentwood regarding the placement of a memorial gathering which was to happen Friday evening in memory of Kayla Cuevas.

The person attempted to drive away in a 2016 Nissan Rouge and stuck Rodriguez, killing her. She was transported to Southside Hospital in Bay Shore where she was pronounced dead.

A news crew who were on the scene filmed the fatal crash, and police are reviewing their video footage as part of the investigation.

The driver of the car stopped, called 911 and is cooperating with police, said Beyrer.

“We want to stress that this is not gang related,” said Beyrer. “The name of the driver is not being released at this time.”

Rep. Peter King said was just leaving his house to attend the memorial service and meet with Rodriguez.

“We’ve been talking to everyone all week about it,” said King. “I get a call from her friend who was with her and said there has been a horrible accident and that Evelyn has been run over by a car and was in very bad shape.

“It is beyond belief that a mother could have a daughter machete to death, and on the second anniversary of her daughter’s death, it hurts me to have this tragic event at her daughter’s memorial,” he said.

The congressman who represents New York’s 2nd District on Long Island praised Rodriguez was a champion in the fight against MS-13.

“I don’t know how much harder it come to one woman to cost her life. She is one of the most courageous people I’ve ever met,” he said. “I became close with her, we talk often, she’s met the POTUS and the Attorney General – she was dedicated to stopping MS-13.

President Donald Trump speaks alongside Evelyn Rodriguez, whose daughter was killed by MS-13 gang members, during a roundtable discussion on immigration at Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, New York, on May 23, 2018. (credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy D. Sini also issued a heartfelt statement about Rodriguez on Friday night.

“Evelyn Rodriguez endured unspeakable tragedy when her daughter was murdered two years ago. As a parent, I cannot imagine functioning after the loss of a child, but Evelyn was able to turn that tragedy into a mission for good. She harvested her grief and used it as a catalyst for positive change on behalf of her community and on behalf of this country. She was a fierce advocate for her hometown of Brentwood and was fearless in her fight to put an end to the violence caused by MS-13 to ensure that other parents never have to endure the pain she suffered. Evelyn is one of the strongest people I have ever met in my life. I am proud to have worked with her and even more proud to have called her a friend. I know I speak for everyone who knew Evelyn in saying that we are truly heartbroken over her loss.”

Rodriguez had been a persistent advocate for ending gang violence on Long Island since her 16-year-old’s death and was a featured guest at President Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address.

President Trump tweeted about Rodriguez Friday, “My thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn Rodriguez this evening, along with her family and friends. #RIPEvelyn”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also released a statement praising Rodriguez.

“In the wake of the unspeakable tragedy of her daughter’s death, Evelyn showed tremendous courage by dedicating herself to the disruption of gang violence throughout her community,” Cuomo said. “As she stood by my side as we fought back against MS-13, I stand with her family tonight.”

“I first met Evelyn while I was with the FBI and was immediately impressed by her strength and perseverance,” said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart. “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to work in partnership with her when I joined the Suffolk County Police Department. My thoughts are prayers are with her family during this heartbreaking time.”

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone issued a statement, as well.

“Suffolk County mourns the loss of Evelyn Rodriguez, a mother who lost her beautiful daughter Kayla, at the hands of the vicious and cowardly gang MS-13. From the moment I met Evelyn, I was struck by her incredible courage. In the aftermath of her unimaginable loss she was a pillar of strength for her family and the community,” he wrote. “Evelyn was courageous, loving, selfless and she never stopped fighting for her daughter and for every child in the community.  On behalf of all our residents my thoughts and prayers are with Evelyn’s family, friends and loved ones during this extraordinarily difficult time.”

As did Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart and Chief of Department Stuart Cameron.

“The death of Evelyn Rodriguez is a true loss for the Suffolk County Police Department,” they wrote. “Evelyn turned the tragic loss of her daughter into a driving force to become an outspoken voice against gang violence.”

“I first met Evelyn while I was with the FBI and was immediately impressed by her strength and perseverance,” Hart added. “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to continue to work in partnership with her when I joined the Suffolk County Police Department. My thoughts are prayers are with her family during this heartbreaking time.”

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  2. This is what first world civilization looks like, as it becomes third world.

  3. Don McCoy says:

    The article and the police seem VERY interested in making it PERFECTLY CLEAR that this death was NOT gang related…so remember, DO NOT BLAME MS-13! Never mind the woman wouldn’t have BEEN there had the gang not killed her kid.

  4. Bruce Smith says:

    So let’s stop calling them MS-13. In the USA, they’re now DP (Democrat Party) -13.

  5. Jay Are says:

    The consequences for a national population surrounded by a border undefended from foreign criminality is the loss of lives, profits and property from undeterred foreign criminality. These consequences are hidden, of course, by moralizing liberal bigots, supporting their non-existent good intentions, by demonizing any opposition to precisely this as xenophobic racism.

  6. rytwinger says:

    Demotards are ALL complicit in these senseless losses. You OWN this, leftist antiTrumpers!!!

  7. Dennis Taylor says:

    Democrats are the root cause of this woman’s sorrows,if you enjoy reading stories like this just vote democrat this Nov.and you will have plenty more stories like this one to entertain yourself with.

  8. Jacinta A. Meyers says:

    Nissan Rogue*

  9. Dusty Granger says:

    How sad. Her and her daughter’s death can be directly laid at the feet of Democrats and their insane agenda.

  10. Jay Jones says:

    The people listed in the link below, are all thanks to the Democrat Party, harboring illegal aliens, criminals, and creating sanctuary cities where the democrats can protect them:


  11. mjazzguitar says:

    Anyone who wants to abolish ICE is saying yes to MS-13, drugs, and human trafficking.

  12. Tom Truther says:

    Thanks communist democrats for unleashing this horror on America. Trump and 10’s of millions patriotic Americans will reverse your destruction of America.

  13. Alison Milne says:

    Accident my a$%. Someone comes out and starts arguing with her over the placement of a memorial for her dead child? Yeah right. I don’t even think anyone would do that unless they deliberately planned to confront her. Then this “person” runs her over and injures her enough to kill her? Nope not buying it. This person obviously knew where she was when they argued with her and wasn’t paying enough attention to avoid hitting her. Hopefully the video caught it all and charges will be filed soon.

    1. Rob Burns says:

      Here in the South, we know how to reach out and touch. I suggest MS13 stay away.

    2. Faa Qu says:

      This is not the third world, we shouldn’t tolerate those roadside memorials where someone dies. Tragic as it is, it ISN’T their property. That’s what cemeteries are for.

  14. She’d still be alive if MS13 hadn’t murdered her daughter.

    This IS ABSOLUTELY MS13 related.

  15. If Democrats win in November, MS-13 will expand into American communities at an unprecedented rate. They will literally be untouchable.

  16. Police say it was not Democrat-13 gang related.

  17. Charlie Watkins says:

    MS-13 still walks across the border into the US into the open arms of the liberals.

    1. Morey Ladini says:

      it’s spelled “DIEversity.”

  18. jeaneboop says:

    Kayla Cuevas should never have been killed in the first place
    OBama/PElosi/Mad Maxine and every other open border advocate have blood on their hands for allowing these killers into our country

    1. tomkay1012 says:

      Guess what, they don’t care.

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