MORRISTOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Animal shelters in the Carolinas are overflowing with pets saved in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Some dogs and cats that were forced out by flooding arrived in New Jersey Wednesday in search of a fresh start.

The small airplane touched down at Morristown Airport with cargo that appeared a bit rambunctious after the flight to flee the storm’s aftermath.

“As soon as the engine starts up they’re looking out the window and having a good time,” Paul Steklenski, pilot for Flying Fur Animal Rescue, said.

Flying Fur makes frequent trips to transport animals that might otherwise be euthanized due to a lack of space. Once they arrive in the Tri-State Area, Second Chance Rescue NYC helps those furry friends escape that fate.

“Some shelters are flooded because of the hurricane, so animals had to be moved to other shelters that are already full,” Jennifer Brooks from Second Chance said. “They just don’t have the space to house all the animals.”

In the case of Florence, pets rescued from the danger of rising flood water were rushed to already overpopulated shelters in the Carolinas. It forced out the animals who’d already been living there.

“The dogs are helpless, if no one helps the dogs and steps up, where are they gonna go?” Jonette Marzigliano from Second Chance said.

The hope is they’ll all eventually go to a local family where they’ll be loved.

“They’re gonna go to their facility right now, get a fresh meal and start looking for a forever home,” Brooks said.

Most of the 18 rescued animals will go to the Southampton Animal Shelter on Long Island, where they will wait for someone to make them part of their family. Second Chance Rescue NYC can always use help with funding and finding homes. To assist with either, head to their website.