by Justin Lewis, CBS2 Meteorologist

You’re seeing and feeling a difference out there this afternoon as a front drapes itself across the northern part of our area. Both temps and dew points will be up a tad, so it will certainly feel a little warmer and more humid. The other thing you’ll notice is a little more cloud cover, but thankfully we’ll still see a little sun out there. As for highs, they’ll be in the mid 70s or so.

There may be a stray shower to the north tonight, otherwise, it should stay quiet. Expect temps to dip into the 60s again, but with the dew points up, it will feel slightly milder than last night.

Tomorrow will be a partly sunny day with humid conditions still in place. But into the afternoon — and especially the evening — showers and thunderstorms will swing through and deliver a burst of heavy rain and even some gusty winds.

Then on Wednesday, higher pressure will work its way in and deliver mostly sunny skies and warm conditions.