Lawmakers Insist Mayor De Blasio Do Something About The Incredibly Inhumane Conditions At Claremont Consolidated Houses In The Bronx

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Furious tenants of a public housing project in the Bronx were pleading for help Monday, saying their buildings are overrun with rats — and they’re not kidding. They have the video to prove it.

But we should warn you, the pictures are not for the squeamish.

“I’m traumatized,” tenant Veronica Martinez told CBS2’s Marcia Kramer.

You’d be traumatized, too, if you had the same kitchen as Martinez.

Tenants in the Claremont Consolidated Houses in the Bronx are furious with the city over the rats they say they have to deal with all the time in their apartments. (Photo: CBS2)

Rats. An entire family of rats, some as big as cats, have taken over, hopping in the sink, into pots and pans. It’s absolutely gut wrenching.

“I should never have to experience not one but seven rats in my kitchen,” Martinez said. “It’s disgusting. All over the stove, the washing machine, they just invaded my apartment.”

MORECity Hall Releases Emails That Appear To Show Mayor Tried To Hide Extent Of Lead Paint Problem In NYCHA Housing

And she’s not the only tenant at the New York City Housing Authority’s Claremont Consolidated Houses in the Bronx who are “ratting out” the problem.

“My wife can hardly sleep because you hear them in the walls,” one tenant said.

Asia Clemente’s 1-year-old son was bitten by a rat. She wants Mayor Bill de Blasio to fix the problem.

“If we’re paying you rent we deserve to live like human beings, not live like we’re savages, because we’re not,” Clemente said.

MOREFeds Force City To Pay Billions In NYCHA Settlements As Remedy To “Deplorable Conditions”

What makes the situation worse is that garbage is left out in the courtyard and the residents say it breeds more rats.

Tenant Marilyn Veguilla took a picture of the garbage there on Monday morning. Of course, it was magically cleaned up before reporters arrived, but some of the opened trash cans remained.

“I got small kids upstairs. There’s about four of us with asthma. We cant be dealing with this kind of condition,” Veguilla said.

“It was as if that family was living in a sewer, infested with rodents. I think we’re sick and tired of seeing the Housing Authority and the city at large treat NYCHA residents as second-class citizens,” Bronx City Councilman Ritchie Torres said.

FLASHBACKBronx Public Housing Residents Complain Of Rat Infestation

Bronx Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson said Mayor de Blasio should see the conditions first hand.

“Come to Claremont Consolidated,” Gibson said, “and see how your residents, how our constituents, are living day to day. It’s not acceptable. You wouldn’t live like this.”

NYCHA agreed, saying it’s now taking steps to deal with the problem.

“Our residents should not have to live in these conditions. We apologize to our residents and will continue to vigilantly monitor this situation,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

The agency said it intends to come up with a comprehensive plan that will include inspections and fixing unsafe conditions.

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  1. Mark Nord says:

    Man smack em with the frying pan and then throw in it just like fried chicken. The problem is rats seek filth and food just like roaches. they patrol the sewers and breed where there is a good food supply. If you keep a clean home they will not come there. The rats are a symptom of a bigger problem.Even if you kill all of them they will just come back because there is so much to eat.

  2. Bobby Sargent says:

    They sell a thing called a rat trap. You can get them anywhere. Put some cheese or dog food on them and let the snapping begin. Should have them all gone in 2 weeks.

    1. Daria Skeete says:

      For a trap to work, the rodent has to come into your apartment. Here’s an effective option, Herbbull Mouse and Rat Repellent and it only costs $6 for a 2 month supply. Go to for more into and it’s also sold on Ebay and Amazon

  3. Democrats got your back…they really care about you,,lol..

  4. If you don’t like it, move. Best thing about being a renter. Just pick up and move. No one is making you live there but YOU.

  5. Doug Wilson says:

    Go to Walmart and get a $100 dollar Beeman dual caliber air rifle. Set up firing positions around trash piles and rat highways. Spend nights cleaning them out.
    Every building should have “village” cats and ratters roaming at night.
    Tastes like chicken.
    You don’t wanna wait for the fleas…

  6. Whenever I hear about “Ghettos” and “The Projects”, I can’t help but think that these were decent new apartments at one time. Who exactly turned these places into filthy ghettos an dumps?

  7. This is what it looks like when the State is in charge of an apartment building. Now imagine if they’re in charge for your healthcare?

  8. intends to come up with a comprehensive plan like all the rest

    comprehensively kill rats and collect garbage, start there brainiac

  9. Danny P Corry says:

    Take cats from the local homeless shelter. Mean,ornery ones are the best. Let them loose, and praise them for each carcass they proudly stand over. Give them catnip and praise. Then adopt them. Sheesh, City folks are dumb

  10. Scott Vines says:


  11. Neil Levine says:

    Slum lord

  12. Mark Douglas Hawkins says:

    Was anybody fired? Oh. I think I would move. Oh.

  13. Carey Mitchell says:

    Rats are attracted to filth. If there were no food available indoors, they would be outside. Clean up your filthy apartments and they will go elsewhere.

    1. Damn straight. She filmed them eating her own filth…

    2. Kis Myas says:

      EXACTLY ! Get rid of the food source u bunch of slobs !

  14. They pay 20 dollars a month, AND they’re late with that…Hopefully the rats have bubonic plague…

    1. John Collins says:

      Terrible comment, Disgusting.

  15. Dan Young says:

    Rat infestations are a small price to pay for being able to vote in Democrats over and over and over again. Keep it up.. the results won’t be the same next-time.

  16. Doug Day says:

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Mexico.

  17. Rats and bedbugs in NYC, Feces and a coming Cholera outbreak in SF, Typhus in LA, riots and Antifa punks in Portland, Detoilet, Flint, and a city of idiots in Seattle. One common denominator? All run by Democruds.

  18. Jimmer Jim says:

    Kill the rats, eat the rats. Free food, watcha complaining about.

  19. Jonathan Hartley says:

    More like cats the size of rats…. small rats.

  20. Tom Ronson says:

    WOW! Rats the size of cats! They must be eating good in the neighborhood!

  21. Harold Riley says:

    No one should have to live like this. Vote for opportunity, not subjugation, but keep voting Democrat and this is what you’ll keep getting. Vote freedom and get off the Democrat plantation.

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