OYSTER BAY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There’s a family on Long Island with a very sick toddler, and doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Now, people in the community are rallying behind the little girl and her loved ones, calling themselves Brooke’s Brigade.

2-year-old Brooke Corey started walking again just a week ago.

Everything started back in August, when the healthy and energetic toddler suddenly became lethargic.

“She stopped eating, she stopped walking, and refused to bear weight on her two feet,” said mother Sheri Corey. “Her coloring was so white, that it was really alarming.”

Brooke’s parents say she’s been to three hospitals, seen more than 30 doctors, and has been tested for everything. Still, there hasn’t been a diagnosis.

“It’s terrifying that not even the doctors know, it’s upsetting as a mother and a father to not know what it is so we can seek treatment,” said Sheri.

Brooke has slowly started walking, but still has no appetite. When she does eat, she has to be fed through a tube in her nose. When word got out, friends and neighbors decided to step in.

“It was a panic moment of ‘what can we do and how an we support?’, and then our role became in supporting the home front,” said neighbor Kathy Chetal.

The Coreys have three more children, ages eight to 11. Brooke’s Brigade has been following a very busy schedule, babysitting and shuttling the older kids around.

“My daughter has dance on Mondays and on Wednesday, and my other daughter has dance on Wednesdays,” said Sheri.

The Brigade has been keeping the Corey’s fridge full with trays of chicken parmesan, spaghetti and meatballs, and other delicious eats. They’ve also started a GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses.

The Coreys say they’re sharing their story with the public in hopes that someone may have answers.

“A doctor, or even another parent, who’s gone through it can somehow say ‘yeah, I recognize this’,” said Ken Corey.

Until the, the family will try to keep Brooke healthy until the medical mystery is solved. The community is planning a big fundraiser for the family at Oyster Bay Brewing Company later this month.