NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – In this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock and Cindy Hsu introduce Mr. Phibbs and Matthew.

Mr. Phibbs is an eight-month-old, 67 pound Bulldog. Though a puppy, he does have the hang of housebreaking already.

1021phibbs Furry Friend Finder: Mr. Phibbs And Matthew

Eight-month-old Bulldog Mr. Phibbs (Credit: CBS2)

Mr. Phibbs is gentle, funny, sweet, but he is still a puppy who is still growing and he will need someone with Bulldog experience.

Matthew is a five-year-old, 12 pound Lhasa Apso. He was brought in for adoption when his owner was unable to care of him anymore.

1021matthew Furry Friend Finder: Mr. Phibbs And Matthew

Five-year-old Lhasa Apso Matthew (Credit: CBS2)

He had skin and ear issues which have been treated. Matthew is otherwise very healthy and is quiet and calm. He just wants to hang out with you all day!

There was another furry friend update on Sunday. Chimmy, who was the Jack Russell/Corgi mix that is blind in one eye, was adopted by new owners Nicole and Jim.

1021chimmy Furry Friend Finder: Mr. Phibbs And Matthew

Adopted dog Chimmy with new owners. (Credit: CBS2)

Chimmy now lives in Brooklyn and enjoys a great life in his new home.

You can keep track of which animals are still looking for homes and which ones have been adopted by a loving family at

The Humane Society of New York is located at 306 E. 59th St. near Second Avenue in Manhattan.