NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The New York City Parks Department is urging people to stay out of city parks because of high winds and falling tree limbs in the wake of Thursday’s storm.

It’s not just limbs but full trees that’ve been falling on streets, damaging cars, blocking roadways, and pulling up slabs of sidewalk when they fall.

One tree left a mass of crushed metal and shattered glass after crushing the side of Bill Goodman’s Porsche Cayenne.

A tree limb hits a car in Brooklyn on November 16, 2018 in New York City. – Wet snow and wind gusts Thursday downed numerous tree branches throughout the city, one day after a snowstorm. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP/Getty Images)

“The car was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily, no one else was,” Goodman told CBS2’s Marc Liverman.

Goodman parked his SUV on the Upper East Side Thursday night to visit someone, and when he came back he found it crushed.

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While it may be bad luck, it’s something he says could have been avoided if the city had done its job taking care of older trees.

“I think the mayor left the upper east side to the dogs, to the elements, especially my car. Good thing there’s insurance,” Goodman said.

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Take a drive or walk down Park Avenue Friday, you’ll see snapped tree limbs, some of the piled six feet high.

“I was hit by something on 57th street and park, something hanging,” said Allen Sloan.

The Parks Department told Liverman they’ve had nearly 2,000 service requests and are reporting more than 600 downed trees and more than 1,000 downed limbs. Sloan thinks he may have been hit in the head by one of them Thursday night.

“I mean it’s very dangerous. I’ve seen people hit all along Park Avenue,” Sloan said.

The Parks Department advised people to stay out of all parks. It’s a warning that a lot of people in Central Park weren’t taking too seriously.

“I’ll try to be safe but it’s Central Park and we’re visitors and you gotta do it,” said MaryEllen Bearzi.

“So you think it’s worth the risk?” asked Liverman.

“Totally worth the risk,” Bearzi said.

“We’re going to brave it. We’re going to go,” said Helen Kelly.

“The snow has gone down from the trees,” said Central Park visitor Marco DeKing.

“Are you worried that some of the loose limbs can fall your head or your family’s head?” Liverman asked.

“Yesterday. Not anymore,” DeKing said.

One tree went down around 8 p.m., witnesses told Liverman, and it was still there nearly a full day later. City workers definitely have their hands full though, reporting at least 100 hanging limbs as well.

The advisory to stay out of the city’s parks was lifted late Friday.