NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Where was Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

It’s a question some people were asking during Thursday’s paralyzing snowstorm.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy addressed storm-response efforts. Five days later, Gov. Cuomo finally appeared.

CBS2’s Lisa Rozner brought the concerns of New Yorkers straight to him on Tuesday.

An MTA bus after an accident in the first snowstorm of the season on Nov. 15, 2018. (credit: Twitter/@Nicklouiss)

Cuomo was ready to move on from Thursday’s car-mageddon, handing out turkeys to seniors at a senior center in Baychester, but Rozner demanded answers about New York state’s response — or lack of it — to the snowstorm.

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Rozner: “Governor, this area of the state was paralyzed on Thursday from the snowstorm. A lot of state assets here were affected — the Henry Hudson Parkway, the George Washington Bridge, kids were stuck on buses for hours without food without a bathroom, the MTA didn’t have chains on the tires. Where were you and what happened here?”

“I believe we performed well. We were ahead of it. You look at the way it worked across the state and our response, I think, worked well. We did not have any significant issues beyond the normal issues that would go with an event like this,” Gov. Cuomo said.

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Rozner: “So, as governor, you don’t think it’s your responsibility that this area was paralyzed by the snowstorm on Thursday?”

“The cities are responsible for the cities’ plowing. You can’t have two entities plowing. The trucks would run into each other, so the cities are responsible for the cities,” Cuomo said.

As far as the city goes, Mayor de Blasio has not made any apologies. He blames accidents on the GWB. However, Gov. Cuomo took a different route.

“It’s not about one accident on the George Washington Bridge. I get into trouble with the weather forecasters when I say this, but the weather forecast was not accurate,” Cuomo said.

So, the governor said he’s okay with the way the state performed last Thursday. No apologies.

Cuomo said state assets were ready to help if the city needed. The mayor’s office confirmed it did not request assistance, nor did the governor reach out to offer it.