Justin Lewis
Meteorologist, Weekday Morning Weather Producer

The rain will intensify this afternoon with the heaviest occurring between about 3 and 7 pm. This may lead to some flooding around the area, so drivers beware. In addition to this, we’ll see gusts over 30 mph (40 mph east), so hold on to those hats!

Heavy rain early this evening will taper and give way to dry condition overnight. It will remain blustery, too, with gusts of 30-35 mph in the city and 50 mph to the east. As for temps, they’re expected to fall to around 40°.

Tomorrow will feature more sunshine, but the winds will remain on the gusty side. We’ll aim for the mid 40s or so, but it will really only feel like the 30s.

As for Wednesday, it’s more of the same: Chilly and blustery!


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