NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Talk about “Giving Tuesday,” three NYPD officers helped a Bronx mom give the gift of life.

Oumy Bajaha says she was home Tuesday evening when her water broke, but her husband wasn’t home.

“I called him right away and I told him ‘okay my water just broke. Are you close?’ he told me yeah, He’s close” but you know, of course traffic got in the way,” Bajaha said.

Her brother, who was home at the time, suggested Oumy take a taxi. Her mom disagreed, saying it would get stuck in traffic.

That’s when officers from the 46th Precinct arrived to help the family.

“When they first came in I’m like, ‘I don’t know if you guys know what to do,'” Bajaha’s mother laughingly said.

“But then when they started telling me what to do I was like ‘Wow you guys look like you’re really trained for this.’ My anxiety level went down a little bit.”

“About 10 minutes later, EMS showed up and then we all went to the hospital together,” Officer Esteban Garcia explained.

“Definitely different. Usually we see people at their worst. This was a good day where we see people and help them with their best… bring a child in,” Officer Steven Salvato added.

The baby was named Zainab, after her grandmother, since none of the officer’s names would fit Bajaha’s newborn daughter.

“It’s a girl so I mean, I’m not that mad,” Officer Garcia said with a laugh.

“They were amazing, they were amazing and I just want to thank them so much. They were really incredible,” Bajaha added.