After Issuing A Formal Notice, NYC Sends Army Of Police Officers And City Workers To Cart Away Parts Of Homeless Encampment In Flatbush

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They are being evicted from the streets.

The city’s homeless crisis is apparently so bad that officials are now serving eviction notices before tearing down homeless encampments.

CBS2’s Marcia Kramer was there Wednesday when a man living in the plaza near a Flatbush subway station got the heave ho.

The subway plaza is not your home. That was the message sent to Thomas Harris as an army of cops and city workers began carting away a massive homeless encampment he built — and lived in — at Parkside and Ocean avenues.

He did not go quietly.

“Leave me alone!” Harris said. “I don’t bother nobody!”

A homeless man was evicted on the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn, on Dec. 5, 2018, as part of a move against a homeless encampment. (Photo: CBS2)

Actually, Harris’ jaw-dropping collection of drums, clothes, food and garbage bothered a lot of people, which is why the city served him with a formal eviction notice last week and then showed up Wednesday to enforce it.

“I’m in a wheelchair with one leg!” Harris said.

Harris lost most of his left leg when he was hit by a subway six years ago, and this is not the first time he has been evicted.

“I don’t want to be touched,” Harris said.

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The city cannot force someone to go into a shelter, but it can stop people from obstructing public spaces. But still, it was unusual to see an army of cops and other officials on hand. A homeless outreach worker offered him shelter. Paramedics offered to take him to a hospital.

“I don’t need no ambulance!” Harris said.

But in the end, the encampment had to go.

“We don’t allow obstructions in our city and address them quickly whenever we find them,” a spokesman for the Department of Homeless Services said.

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Area residents were relieved to see Harris go.

“We opened the plaza for the public, not for the homeless,” Flatbush’s Cesar Cruz said.

“It was about time that he was placed somewhere else. He’s been here for quite a log time — winter, summer, spring, fall,” Ashel Leopold added. “It serves as a breeding ground for rats, which is not good for the area.”

“He should be inside. It’s cold out here. A whole lot of junk people can’t hardly walk by. It’s an eyesore,” Larry Williams said.

“The subway station is right here. We can’t have this garbage here. No, get rid of him,” Lainey Hallal added.

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Police didn’t confiscate Harris’ goods permanently. They gave him a receipt and said he could get them back at the 71st Precinct.

There are currently nearly 61,000 homeless people in the city. It is making slow progress in building permanent housing. On Wednesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city is moving to acquire 17 buildings it hopes to turn into 500 apartments for the homeless in 2019.

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  1. Christopher Perrien says:

    Guy is an obvious hoarder(a mental disorder). If he wants to do that he should rent a storage shed somewhere. He certainly receives disability and could afford one,.homeless or not.

  2. James Martin says:

    61000 homeless divided into 500 apartments hmmmm, that is 122 people per apt.

  3. Please do something about San Francisco and Los Angeles! The problems there are way worse! Cr@ckheads on every street. Some poor guy was shoved in front of a truck just this week by one of these nutjobs.

  4. Sam Russo says:

    He REFUSES to allow the police to remove them, so they should be invited to spend the holidays at Gracie mansion… begins at home

  5. Edmond Day says:

    Make America Clean Again!!

  6. It’s a shame the depths to which some unfortunate people are thrust…In a modern progressive society at the forefront of nearly every human endeavor; THIS SORT OF THING SHOULD NOT REACH THIS POINT…To force all those organizations to essentially do their jobs…Make a special place in this country for the poor and indigent to be cared for and housed…If they can contribute; great…If not; it’s our duty as humans to care for each other…it has nothing to do with religion; it has to do with human nature…The traitor GWB’s funeral circus cost would buy a 1000 acre piece of land for what I suggest.

  7. Jimmer Jim says:

    Scoop them up and turn them bums into human cheetos.

  8. David Alster says:

    But they have outrage as immigrants are prevented from invading the country. WHAT HYPOCRITES.

  9. Jason Ledd says:

    They’re making room for the migrant invasion forces.

  10. It’s time to re-instate involuntary mental health commitments.

    Upon typing the above, I realize that it applies not only to many homeless, but also the the majority of democrat politicians.

    1. Fran Heckrotte says:

      That’s rather a stupid comment. You certainly don’t represent the Republican Party even though you attack Democrats.

    2. Dave Hardesty says:

      Did it ever occur that it might apply to you one day?

  11. Mitch Mucullen says:

    Shame the dems for hiding this crap, and then glorifying.

  12. Rick Fedele says:

    You cold hearted Dems… how can you do that the the poor? I thought you cared so much about the disadvantaged. Looks like you can’t throw money at an issue and make it better after all.

  13. Carl Arms says:

    send them across the border to mexico or canada
    3rd world thinking deserves to be in a 3rd world community

  14. Tim Lucas says:

    The answers are always down the road meaning: they have an answer but the problem exist and they approach the problem like some countries build roads. They build the bridge then build the road to the bridge. There must be some foresight on the part of politicians to provide the answer before they attack the problem. These people homeless and many with addictions so where are they going to go? We need politicians with savvy. The correct method would be to provide the situation with an answer before you attack the problem.

  15. The bongo drums sealed his fate, I think. Hate to say it, but it is what it is.

  16. Maria Lucia says:

    Tell that guy that America’s resources are for that Honduran teenager who jumped the fence, had her baby the next day and called it a “big reward”. Call that baby Jack, honey, for JACKPOT – sorry, poor old duffer living in the street, nothing left for you.

  17. Yet they were able give Amazon a $3 billion dollar handout to have them move to the city. DeBlasio and Cuomo should be publicly whipped in central park

  18. Jeff Smith says:

    I don’t live in NYC or even visit more than I have to, but I hope people will think what CBS would say if a Republican mayor were to do this: he’s heartless, he’s cruel, etc. Nothing about that for this mayor, of course.

  19. It is cold, these people are insane. They belong in institutions. Who will be responsible for their deaths?

  20. Bill Loyal says:

    New York City, the original police state Yeah kick him out, he was probably in the way of one of your SPY cameras or snooping microphones you have hidden all over the city. OH well this is what happens when areas vote Democrat over and over

  21. Lynn Wood says:

    I am puzzled. This man lost a leg to a subway accident and there was no lawsuit, no compensation, no priority for housing. Something is missing from the story. Me, just a hick in the sticks.

  22. Bob Morley says:

    Hal Slusher
    You are EXACTLY right.
    Democrats have no understanding of the consequences of various utopian ideas they have as they raise taxes. But sooner or later their blunders become PAINFULLY obvious EVEN TO THEM.
    By contrast, LEFTIST DO KNOW.
    It is their PLAN to collapse our system. But it is getting harder to tell LEFTISTS from misguided Democrats.

    But here is the problem: even as they are evicting this guy, they are welcome thousands more to cross our border, luring them with promises of free housing, welfare, free health care, and free education. They can’t provide it, but they can’t see that far. They simply can’t think it thru to see the inevitable failure.
    They will fill our cities with people they can’t house or feed, blame the mess on someone else and walk away… DAMAGE DONE… and pat themselves on the back for “caring”. “At least we tried”, they say to console themselves as our cities burn.

  23. Chuck Curry says:

    If you have no skills in New York you have two options…Live in a public square, or represent the 14th district!

  24. Oh boy! Had this been a republican mayor, every evil name would been a applied( Stalin Mussolini Pol Pot) but instead media will remain silent. Hypocrites to the extreme

  25. Philip Horner says:

    61000 homeless at one eviction per day will take well into the next Mayor’s term to solve. ROFLMAO

  26. Tim Allen says:

    Hal – you’re another idiot behind a keyboard. This has nothing to do with ‘democrats’. Pure speculation on your part. Try to stick to the actual topic next time.

    1. Mary Kelly says:

      It sure does have to do with “Democrats” or better yet Socialist!!!

    2. Bob Oscar says:

      So…you haven’t stepped in sh!it piles yet….heh heh

  27. Hal Slusher says:

    Welcome to what happens why your democrat masters get tired of stepping in feces.

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