HERTFORD, N.C. (CBSNewYork) – Tragedy has struck the family of late Yankees pitcher Jim “Catfish” Hunter. The Hall of Famer’s daughter has died after a sudden medical emergency during a school fire drill in North Carolina.

Kim Hunter Daugherty died Thursday morning of an undisclosed medical condition at Hertford Grammar School, according to WFMY.

Daugherty was just 45 years-old and was reportedly a teacher for 20 years before the shocking tragedy.

It’s not the first hardship to befall the Hunter family, sadly.

“Catfish” Hunter was diagnosed with ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in 1998. The man who had become famous for his legendary pitching arm quickly lost the use of both arms due to the neurological disease.

Hunter, who pitched for the New York Yankees from 1975-79, died in 1999 at age 53.

Although the family returned to their native North Carolina after Catfish’s time in the Bronx, the Hunters were regular fixtures at Yankee Stadium for annual events like Old Timer’s Day.

Perquimans County Schools assistant superintendent James Bunch told local reporters that Daugherty was “a great teacher, a great colleague, and she was loved.”

  1. Jen Rainwater says:

    While I know this is not a baseball story and is a tragic event, I have a serious problem with him being called a “Yankees” legend –

    His “primary team” was the Athletics! He is known to most baseball fans and even to the National Baseball Hall of Fame (despite him wearing a blank cap on this plague) to which he was inducted in 1987, as a member of the Oakland A’s but he also played with them in Kansas City.

    Even thought this piece is about his daughter – may they both RIP – more is written about Catfish than about his daughter Kim. You quite conveniently fail to mention that in Oakland he tossed MLB’s 9th perfect game and went 4-0 in the A’s 3 consecutive World Series Championships! He won the 1974 AL Cy Young Award AND The Sporting News Cy Young Award all while with the A’s – the same team he played for when he was given the nickname “Catfish.”

    He was great after being signed by the Yankees as a free agent in 1975 — but he was never as good as he was with Oakland. The only reason he became a free agent and left the A’s was because owner Charley Finley was a complete a**hole who didn’t pay him what was owed to him in his contract after winning the Cy Young Award, also helping the A’s to their third straight WS win. So calling him a “Yankees” legend is total BS and something I think even Catfish himself would not like nor find accurate! The Athletics are NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THIS PIECE!

    Honestly, given that you WROTE MORE about CATFISH than his POOR DAUGHTER, makes this an example of just plain BAD “REPORTING”! I don’t care if you are located in New York – your job is to give your readers responsibly researched and thorough news stories. There is like zero information on what actually happened to cause his daughter’s death (although I do understand that at the time, that information may not have been available to the press) or perhaps you could tell us more about HER LIFE. She was married. Did she have children? What grade did she teach but instead you glorify her father as a Yankee. SMH.

    That is, unbelievably, giving the wrong information to, as well as misleading any readers who don’t follow baseball. It simply FURTHER PERPETUATES the EAST COAST BIAS that so prevalently runs throughout Major League Baseball today, as it has throughout history.

    As previously noted, this isn’t a story about baseball, and I feel for the Hunter family. May both Kim and the legendary Athletic Jim “Catfish” Hunter RIP.

    But as a “news” organization – it’s should be important to you to write the ACTUAL FACTS AND AT LEAST MAKE AN ATTEMPT TO BE ACCURATE.

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