NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – “Aquaman” hits the big screen this weekend.

DC Comics’ latest superhero movie is already making a splash overseas, earning more than $260 million.

CBS2’s Mary Calvi sat down with star Jason Momoa for a sneak peek.

So what’s it like playing a superhero?

“Very surreal,” he said.

The role was no walk in the park – or, should we say, swim in the pond.

“I do feel like he gets the crap beat out of him the whole time,” said Momoa. “Definitely gets beat down to the point where that rascal is borderline like, ‘I’m done.’”

Playing a man of the water, however, wasn’t a stretch for the actor.

“I come from a pretty long lineage of watermen and lifeguards, so I was raised that way,” he said. “I love the water, definitely connected to it and kind of the perfect role for me.”

Watch their full interview above.